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2012.11 - ISWC 2012 - DC - 2

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2012.11 - ISWC 2012 - DC - 2

  1. 1. Reusing XML Schemas Information as a Foundation for Designing Domain Ontologies Thomas Bosch (M.Sc.) thomas.bosch@gesis.org | http://boschthomas.blogspot.comProblem Main Research Question• Traditionally, ontology engineers work in close collaboration with How to sped up the time-consuming process designing domain ontologies domain experts to design domain ontologies manually, which requires based on already available XSDs? lots of time and effort• Domain ontologies as well as XSDs describe domain data models• In many cases, XSDs are already defined and can be re-usedProposed Approach Derive Domain Ontologies using SWRL rulesNovelty of Approach Evaluation• Based on XSD metamodel • User study to compare traditional manual and proposed approach• Extract vocabulary, terminology, syntactic structure vs. semantics • Define and classify typical tasks• Transformation on terminological and assertional knowledge level • Define measurement methods• Automatic vs. manual or semi-automatic transformation of XSD/XML • Derive domain ontologies of multiple and differing domains• Derivation of domain ontologies vs. creation of generated ontologies• OWL (more expressive power) vs. RDFS generated ontologies XSDs to Generated Ontologies