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EyeWay user experience

  1. Live UI AR UX concept EyeWay Vision
  2. AR UX metaphors WIMP. Paper office. PAD (Perlin&Fox) Ubiquitous computing (Weiser) Attentive UI (Horvitz, Vertegaal) Quantum Interface. Precognition. (Demo) Ghost World. Magic Leap’s Shared Cinematic Reality. Augmentation is empowerment (Engelbart).
  3. Interaction Gaze-tracking. User intent and context. Gaze-assisted, not gaze-based. Gaze&Click Gaze&Speak. Hand gestures recognition. Tactile feedback. Tangibles. (Magic Leap’s “Totems”). World as desktop. (Metaio Thermal Touch)
  4. UI Philosophy Play Theory, Gamification, Flow. “The interface is the system.” (Constantine&Lockwood) “Form follows function.” (Norman) “Always on, always augmented.” (Mann) System adaptation & learning. UI=AI. Community & Sharing. Ecosystem.
  5. Web3D.0 Galaxy metaphor. Merging the internet and real world. Unified address for humans, places, objects and online content. Geo-conceptual space. Semantic visual browsing.
  6. Web3D.0 Jackson guitar results Jackson city results Jackson other results Michael Jackson results “Jackson” search
  7. LiveUI From UI as an inanimate tool, to an attentive animate agent. Gaze is key in social communication. GAZE Groupware System. Behavior triggers. Emotional animation. User behavior prediction. Software ecosystem. Evolution™ platform.
  8. LiquidUI Data as fluid metaphor. LUI elements as intelligent data containers (content as DNA). Drop, a concept to replace filefolderlink etc. Drop contains and being contained. Expandingshrinking. Volume = data. Doesn’t mix. Much like UI visualization of object-oriented approach.
  9. Coral Reef Notifications Manager Notifications seek user attention. Notifications don’t want to interrupt user flow. Behavior: hidepopsnoozeidle.
  10. Orbital Menu Launcher
  11. LiveReader Text as entities that want to be read. Fluently. Scrolling itself to user reading pattern. Monitoring information consumption. Eye-tracking.
  12. User Personas John Wasp (productivity) Trisha (fun) Mrs.Robinson (accessibility) Vasya (AR gamer)
  13. John in court room connecting to reality Who-is-Who tool. Process following app (understanding what is happening now). Attention grabbers. Group dynamics (GAZE Groupware System). Instant sharing & synchronization. Zero navigation. Tools on-demand. Apps approach when needed. Clicker in pocket. Group attention
  14. Trisha in Mall with friends Immersive advertising. Blip layers. Integration. AR cinema. Experience shared with friends. Real time social networking. Augmented entities. Immersive advertising
  15. [Item attached]
  16. Mrs.Robinson goes to Opera by herself Calling taxi. Accessibility navigation. Meeting friends. Optical zoom. Vision correction. Error proof UI. Safety. Finding place in opera.
  17. Vasya playing GhostQuest immersive gaming Immersive experience “Game that plays YOU”. Game as part of everyday life. Suspension of disbelief Secret world Gaming identity Gaming community. Meeting new people.
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  19. EyeWay Vision