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Pipelines for model deployment

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Onna presentation about how we deploy static models and dynamic models on production.

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Pipelines for model deployment

  1. 1. Pipelines for model deployment Ramon Navarro Bosch, CTO Onna
  2. 2. What is • Startup Barcelona / San Francisco • SaaS / On-Premise • Connect sources of information, gather, analyze and offer a UI to search for information • Knowledge Management and apps for eDiscovery and contract management • API centric solution
  3. 3. “41 components architecture distributed with kubernetes (k8s) and deployed with jenkins CI/CD”
  4. 4. Static models • Calculate a model offline • SVM / CNN / RF / RNN / LSTM / Summary / … • Mostly tensorflow, sklearn
  5. 5. Static models Dataset Algorithm Test Pack Deploy dev stage prod tf… Train
  6. 6. Static models • Detect interesting content type • Get dataset - apply generic feature extraction • Train model … for example: SVM (binary) - versions of the models as contained files • Embed in processing container jenkinsfile / dockerfile • Build container and push version to registry • Adding to production stack • Continuous build on each commit
  7. 7. Arquitecture - k8s Canonical REST API Guillotina Processing engine … Account namespace Shared namespace
  8. 8. Queue system New document Pipeline RabbitMQ Feature Extraction Beat Beat Write Each component redirect messages processed to next exchange Director Exit
  9. 9. • Testing accuracy on production processing new messages. Plug to queue and don’t ack messages to get reprocessed • Scale the # of pods/beats for each one based on the size of the queue • Dead letter queues for not well processed • Delay queues for incremental processing • Experimental beats • REST API to our Beats engine to extract information about a resource Static models
  10. 10. “We allow users to create their own models”
  11. 11. Guillotina • Open Source scalable resource management framework (data plaform) • Provides an extensible Transactional Traversal REST API with distributed DB support • Event triggering • Security model • All async • PyData talk 21/5
  12. 12. Dynamic models • Distributed continuous training • Serve multi model live • Model storage • Direct access to distributed data • Inference and train
  13. 13. Model+Meta Worker ParameterServer Serving Algorithm DocumentsLabels Metadata EmbeddingVocabulary
  14. 14. Simplified example • User defines labels - ML - BUSINESS • Asks to train a classification model based on logistic regression • A model is saved on the DB (SavedModel) • User defines a Rule to apply the model (tf serving) - each time I have a new Mail from Gmail
  15. 15. tf.serving pods (c++) • gRPC from Canonical to inference with mini batch / model spec • SourceAdapter (Loader) connector for Canonical model loading (versions handling of the model) • ServableAdapter with sharing vocabulary and multiple loaded models (multiple models on a serving component) • k8s scaling and monitoring
  16. 16. Dynamic distributed flow • Allocate variables and workers pods dynamic with k8s python api (there are limits) • Packs an Experiment and the Estimator (with Keras model or direct TF) • input_fn is a feed generator that gets the data from the web socket API to tfRecord (Guillotina model to Protobuff model) • Re-train with new documents loading the model last check • Write the model by the main worker on the canonical • Another pod runs the validation on the saved canonical for each checkpoint • Dev can runs the tensorboard to the canonical model endpoint
  17. 17. Canonical Ecosystem Serving TrainingTrainingTrainingTrainingTraining
  18. 18. Preguntes ? Gràcies! Ramon Navarro Bosch ramon@onna.com