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Collaborative perception: 3 disturbing facts

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How comes that after having an outstanding team of collaborators, and making an accurate action plan, things go wrong so badly? Find here some explanations.

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Collaborative perception: 3 disturbing facts

  1. 1. Collaborative perception. 3 Disturbing Facts. By David Navarro
  2. 2. In the complex world we live in, collaborative perception of the truth is needed to take the best decisions. “Wisdom resides on a multitude of counselors”, King Solomon said.
  3. 3. Disturbing fact #1. Our own human nature. There are 3 different realities about ourselves. Who we really are is the sum of these three. Are we ready to accept them all? What we believe is our inner truth. Howweseeourselves. Howothersseeus.
  4. 4. Considering that points of view can be distorted by various factors, both internal and/or environmental, how sure can we be about the final result?
  5. 5. Issues are like diamonds, with many different aspects.
  6. 6. Some are seen at a simple sight,
  7. 7. some are seen through the previous ones
  8. 8. and some are totally invisible to us.
  9. 9. Disturbing fact #2. Ultimate truth can not be seen. Only its reflection.
  10. 10. Disturbing fact #3: Having many opinions is not a guarantee of having the “big picture”.
  11. 11. Even considering the collateral effects do not forget to “follow the light”, your objectives.
  12. 12. Even if is important to take in consideration all points of view, do not forget to measure the effect of your decisions.
  13. 13. Never let in oblivion basic human good values. They have always given the best results And always will.
  14. 14. Depending on your objective, it can be wise to narrow you vision
  15. 15. Avoid transmitting fears, guilty or prejudices to your coops It will hinder them to tell you their real opinion of an issue.
  16. 16. Put on the right type of glasses
  17. 17. Try to see things from a completely different point of view, sometimes, in the craziest possible way.
  18. 18. Become the prism in which the views of your collaborators impact, optimizing their influences on a common good
  19. 19. To adapt your truth to give a better image, can be ridiculous. Avoid staring at distorted mirrors
  20. 20. Never forget that, despite our “terraqueous” point of view, the moon has a face we never see. Thank you for your time. David Navarro