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OverDrive Media Console for Macs (June 2011)

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OverDrive Media Console for Macs (June 2011)

  1. 1. MP3 Audiobooks& Installing OverDrive Media Console on a Mac
  2. 2. First Things First: Mac Version• You need a library card from your local library that participates in the NHDB Consortium. You might also need a library-specific prefix. Please check with your local librarian.• You need free software for your Mac.• You need a current version of iTunes.• Let’s get started!
  3. 3. OverDrive Media Console • You must download and install the OverDrive Media Console for Macs on your computer before first attempting to download an audiobook.
  4. 4. Find OMC SoftwareOr visit: http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/
  5. 5. Download OMC Software • Note the Mac System Requirements. • Click the “Download” button.
  6. 6. Download and Run• Depending on your browser, software download and installation might vary.
  7. 7. Installation• Using Safari to download the file...• The Installer finishes downloading...• The OverDrive Media Console Software is mounted and a new Finder window opens automatically.• The Installer begins to run...
  8. 8. Installation• Read the license agreement.• Press “Continue.”
  9. 9. Installation• Read and agree with the license.
  10. 10. Installation• Keep the default location unless you have a specific reason to change it.• Click “Install.”
  11. 11. Installation• You will need to know the username and password for your Mac to install software!
  12. 12. Install Complete• Installation Complete.• Close.
  13. 13. Update iTunes• At this time you may wish to check if iTunes is up to date. You will need a current version of iTunes to transfer the MP3 audiobook to your iPod.• Open iTunes >> From the iTunes menu >> Check for Updates.
  14. 14. Visit the NHDB site at:http://nh.lib.overdrive.com
  15. 15. Your NHDB Account• Always check with your local public library for additional information about logging into the service, as some libraries assign a prefix to the patron card number.
  16. 16. Logging into NHDB• Log into the site with your library card number and perhaps a prefix.
  17. 17. MP3 Audiobook Info• A majority of the audiobooks are in a Windows-compatible format that are not compatible with Macs.• Only MP3 audiobooks without Digital Rights Management are able to be downloaded to Macs.
  18. 18. Finding MP3
  19. 19. Find Available TitlesNo need to type in an author or title, just click “Submit” with the limiter selected.
  20. 20. Checking Out• Add an available MP3 audiobook to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  21. 21. Check again...• Make sure this audiobook is Mac-compatible.
  22. 22. Agree to Terms
  23. 23. Downloading the Book• Download the book.• (The link to download software will always be there -- even if you’ve already installed the OMC.)
  24. 24. Open the Audiobook• Using Firefox, open the file with the OMC.• With Safari or Chrome, download the file and double- click to open with OMC.
  25. 25. Downloading• Provided you have high- speed (DSL or cable) Internet access, download all of the parts.
  26. 26. Download Progress• Look at the bottom of the OverDrive Media Console software screen to see the download progress.
  27. 27. TransferRing to iPod• Highlight the audiobook you want to transfer to your iPod.• Click the “Transfer” button.
  28. 28. Transferring• Connect your iPod.• Make sure iTunes is running and has recognized your iPod.• Press “Next.”
  29. 29. transferring• Typically, you’ll want to transfer all of the parts of the audiobook.• Click “Next.”• The transfer will start automatically.
  30. 30. Finding the MP3• The MP3 will be loaded directly to your device (not iTunes) under the Music file.
  31. 31. iTunes & MP3s• After the transfer, consider making some changes to the audiobook files; following these steps will enable the resume playback feature.• Select the parts, go to the “File” menu >> “Get Info” >> Change the genre to Audiobook.• Or Control-Click for “right-click” options.
  32. 32. Change Genre• First, change the genre...
  33. 33. Change Options...• Change the settings under the “Options” tab.• Click “OK.”
  34. 34. MP3 Moves...• The MP3 audiobook will now show up on your iPod under “Books.”
  35. 35. More Help• More troubleshooting advice can be found through the “Help” link, your local librarian, or the official NHDB blog:• http://nhdbooks.blogspot.com