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Technical SEO Audits - SEO Consultant Bill Hartzer - Triangle Marketing Club

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Technical SEO Audits - SEO Consultant Bill Hartzer - Triangle Marketing Club

  1. 1. Technical SEO Audits Technical SEO Audits
  2. 2. Technical SEO Audits About Me • SEO Consultant, Hartzer Consulting • Blogger/Writer BillHartzer.com • Founder, DFWSEM Association (2004) • US Brand Ambassador, Majestic.com • Brand Ambassador, OnCrawl.com • Practicing Organic/Natural SEO since 1996 • Formerly Senior VP, Advice Interactive (Advice Local) • Senior SEO Strategist, Globe Runner • Director of SEO, Standing Dog
  3. 3. Technical SEO Audits SEO Audit Experience • Started SEO auditing in 2008-ish • SEO Audit Services, agency level • SEO Audits as one-off projects • SEO Audits at start of ongoing monthly SEO • Full-time SEO Auditing started in 2016 • 100+ SEO Audits in past 4 years Official New Words in 2008: • Bitcoin • burner phone • dumpster fire • mansplain • photobomb
  4. 4. Technical SEO Audits Overview – Technical SEO Audits • Common SEO Mistakes I See • Choosing Which Recommendations to Provide • Overall SEO audit process • Presenting Results and Recommendations @bhartzer
  5. 5. Technical SEO Audits What Isn’t an SEO Audit? • Lots of SEO Tools out there. Over 90+ on my list. • Audits are NOT just running some software or SaaS tool. • It’s NOT an audit if you just run software or crawl a site. @bhartzer
  6. 6. Technical SEO Audits So What Is An SEO Audit? It’s a process… • It starts with crawling, gathering lots of data. • It’s knowing which SEO software or SaaS tool to run, when. • It’s Interpreting data and providing recommendations. @bhartzer
  7. 7. Technical SEO Audits SEO Audits are only as good as the experience of the person doing the analysis. @bhartzer
  8. 8. Technical SEO Audits Recommendations must be implemented in order for you to get value from an SEO Audit. @bhartzer
  9. 9. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistakes Most Sites Make @bhartzer
  10. 10. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Bad HTTP/HTTPs Migration @bhartzer Check and Fix: • Internal links pointing to HTTP • Images load via HTTP • Ad networks loading via HTTP • Redirects from HTTP to HTTPs • Verify HTTPs version in GSC • Update Analytics Settings
  11. 11. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Duplicate Content @bhartzer Check and Fix: • Run the Siteliner.com Crawler • Common content on pages Is common content longer on pages? • Check Canonical Tags Improper or no canonical tags.
  12. 12. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Mega Menus @bhartzer Check and Fix: • Review Internal Link Structure • Review Use of Topic Silos • Review Content clusters • Off-topic pages link together.
  13. 13. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Site Structure Issues @bhartzer Fix: Run Sitebulb • Internal Link Structure • Review Topic Silos • Review Content clusters
  14. 14. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Orphaned Content & Pages @bhartzer Analyze Log File Data • Find pages not in site structure • Combine in analysis: - log files - Google Search Console - Analytics Data OnCrawl.com
  15. 15. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Link Issues, Bad & Low Quality Links @bhartzer
  16. 16. Technical SEO Audits Common Mistake: Over Optimization On-page and onsite over optimization • Keyword stuffing • Poorly written meta data • Not using proper heading tags, lists, etc. • Poorly implemented Schema markup @bhartzer
  17. 17. Technical SEO Audits Choosing Which Recommendations to Provide • Run the SEO tools, gather the data. • We get information & data overload! • What do you recommend? What do you fix? • Focus on what will make an impact for the site. @bhartzer
  18. 18. Technical SEO Audits What Will Make an Impact? • SEO tools provide & show potential issues (Sitebulb, SEMrush, Screaming Frog) • Read and understand the issues. @bhartzer
  19. 19. Technical SEO Audits What Will Make an Impact? • Make decisions based on the site. • Size of site, type of site, content, current rankings, other issues, can all play a role. • It’s OK to ignore some issues! • Some analysis just comes with experience. @bhartzer
  20. 20. Technical SEO Audits Overall SEO Audit Process • Before You Begin • Gather Data • Analyze • Present Results @bhartzer
  21. 21. Before You Begin – Info to Gather • Access to website (if possible) & Log file data • Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business access • Bing Webmaster Tools access Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  22. 22. Before You Begin – Info to Gather • Prior history: What SEO was done in past? • Prior history: Domain Names used • List of Domain Names owned, redirected Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  23. 23. Before You Begin – Info to Gather • List of Competitors • Understand offline competitors vs. online competitors • Use list for keyword research, content research, content ideas Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  24. 24. Before You Begin – Info to Gather Most important question to ask: • Anything else we need to know? Psychologically, this question causes site owners to reveal more information about their site, marketing done in the past… oftentimes important details. Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  25. 25. Content – Review Content on Site & Rankings • Google Search Console – Performance Reports • SEMrush.com keyword data • Review Current Rankings • SimilarWeb Traffic and Data • SERPStat Data • Google Analytics Data Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  26. 26. Google Search Console > Performance > Queries What does Google think? Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  27. 27. Gathering Phase • Gather the Data • Save the Data (MS Excel, MS Word) • Start making notes (Notepad) Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  28. 28. Google Searches • site:domain.com • site:domain.com –site:www.domain.com • Click last page of SERPs to get page count • Review SERPs listings, look for issues Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  29. 29. Crawlers • OnCrawl • Screaming Frog • Sitebulb • Deep Crawl • Siteliner Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  30. 30. Siteliner.com Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  31. 31. SEMRush Site Audit Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  32. 32. Website Log Files, Crawl & Analytics • OnCrawl combines all three Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  33. 33. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Adjust to crawl large site over 100k pages Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  34. 34. Compare: Pages Crawled vs Pages Indexed SERPS Redux bookmarklet, compare lists of URLs in MS Excel Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  35. 35. Bing Webmaster Tools Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  36. 36. Bing Webmaster Tools • Spot issues to fix Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  37. 37. Audit Site Structure • Internal Link Structure • Manual Review of Site • URL Hierarchy • Grouping of Topics • GA: In-Page Analytics Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  38. 38. Run Sitebulb • Internal Link Structure • Review Silos • Review Content clusters • Other SEO audit issues Sitebulb.com Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  39. 39. Run Cora SEO Software • Measures over 880 SEO factors • Calculates which ones matter most • Run on site’s main keywords • See the most important factors for each keyword • On-site, on-page, and offsite factors included • Shows you what factors your site is missing based on correlation data of top 100 results for that keyword • https://www.hartzer.com/cora/ Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  40. 40. Sample Cora SEO Software Results • Roadmap for keyword Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  41. 41. Gather Off-Site Data • It’s not all about on-site and on-page. Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  42. 42. Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer Link Data • Google Search Console Links • Majestic • Open Site Explorer • Link Research Tools • Ahrefs
  43. 43. Ahrefs Links Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  44. 44. Majestic.com Links Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  45. 45. Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow • Trust Flow = # of clicks from seed set of trusted sites to a URL or Domain • Citation Flow = Number of citations to a given URL, or Domain Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  46. 46. Majestic Anchor Text Review Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  47. 47. Majestic.com Topic Review Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  48. 48. Local Listings – Audit the listings • Google My Business • Bing Places for Business • Yahoo! Local Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  49. 49. Local Citations – Separate Audit • Are citations correct? • Same address, suite #, phone number? Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  50. 50. Miscellaneous Data to Review • All sorts of extras Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  51. 51. Site Speed: Pingdom • Tools.Pingdom.com Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  52. 52. Site Speed: GT Metrix • GTMetrix.com Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  53. 53. Page Load Speed: Google Pagespeed Insights • https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  54. 54. Site Speed Review – Google Analytics Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  55. 55. Robots.txt Issues • Default CMS file? • Disallowing wrong? • Not specifying sitemap.xml URL • Directives conflict with other signals Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  56. 56. Coverage and Sitemap Issues • New pages not updated on sitemap • Multiple sitemap issues • No sitemap file? Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  57. 57. Subdomain Issues • Duplicate content? • Using subdomain rather than directory • Wildcard subdomains turned on? • www versus non-www issues Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  58. 58. Canonical Issues • Review canonical tags • Not using canonical correctly • Conflicting signals with canonical, others • Canonical tags to help with dupe content Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  59. 59. Use of Structured Data • Taking advantage of Schema.org • Not just for local addresses • Reviews and Events • Person, Place, Organization • Products and Offers Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  60. 60. Analysis Phase • Analyze the Data • Make Assumptions • Make Recommendations • Analyze the road • Analyze the conditions… Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  61. 61. Analysis Phase • Analyze gathered data • Look for Obvious Issues • Look for Odd Data Points • More notes! Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer@bhartzer
  62. 62. Analyze Keyword Data, Rankings • Look for keyword opportunities Anything ranking on 2nd page? • Review SEMRush Keyword Data • Review GSC Performance Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  63. 63. Analyze On-Site Data • Title Tags • Meta Descriptions • Headings H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. • Internal Anchor Text • External Links (outgoing links) • Canonical Tags • Hreflang Issues • Google Pages Indexed vs. Crawled Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  64. 64. Analyze Off-Site Data • Link Velocity Matters (getting new links) • Review anchor text (over optimized?) • Diversity of anchor text • Look for Toxic, Low Quality Links • Run Link Risk, Link Detox report Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  65. 65. Presentation Phase • Present the Data • Show the Results • Make it look great! • Action Plan • Implementation Plan Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  66. 66. Present The Results • Use internal or formal doc needed? • Who will implement? • Implement changes in-house? Outsource? • MS Word doc, spreadsheets with data • PowerPoint needed for presentation? Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  67. 67. Present The Results - Document • Cover Page • Table of Contents • Overview (summary, positives, negatives) • Website Crawlability (404s, 301s, One-Page issues) • Content Optimization (site arch., keyword issues) • Linking (Internal links, externals links, link profile) • Overall Recommendations Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  68. 68. Finally – Additional Lists • List of Priority Issues • Present Action Plan for Implementing Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer
  69. 69. Contact Bill Hartzer Hartzer Consulting Email: Bill@BillHartzer.com Phone: (214) 236-4378 Web: https://www.hartzer.com Twitter: @bhartzer Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bhartzer Technical SEO Audits @bhartzer