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JD for Product Manager (Technology).pdf

  1. +603 7490-2111 | 1 Product Manager Job Description
  2. +603 7490-2111 | 2 Define and create the right product that adds value to investors and traders. And that’s probably the most rewarding job for yourself and the company. A Great Product Manager
  3. +603 7490-2111 | 3 Building technology related product that is beyond excellence and could help people change their lives through financial education, we have the position you are looking for. If you love …
  4. +603 7490-2111 | 4 Beyond Insights’ mission is to “bring out the best in you and your financial future”. We are the leading education service provider in the country in the area of global stock market investing and trading. We are now investing in building technology that can help us educate more people in an even more impactful, effective and personal way. Having a great Software Architect will help us to achieve what no companies have done before – to make professional investing and trading knowledge publicly accessible, and to make financial success achievable for everyone who has the desire and discipline to pursue it. Click here to read more about Beyond Insights
  5. +603 7490-2111 | 5 • Con$nuous improving and enhancing our current products. – Educa&on Products (Investment and Trading Courses) – Technology Products (Ie. BiTS, Student Portal) • Designing new technology products that will help students to excel in their investment and trading journey. And we are excited about the upcoming 5 years because we are: • Gearing to new way of EduTech learning. • Design and create new products that will empower students. What are we doing now…
  6. +603 7490-2111 | 6 üResponsible for understanding and translate the needs of students to solutions. üLead, design and develop customer centric product solutions that deliver revenues. üRepresent customer and product team to work across different stakeholders. üEnsure the product life cycle management is followed and adhere to. And you are responsible of …
  7. +603 7490-2111 | 7 üGreat problem solving skills. We believe this is a most important asset for any job role, and especially for a Product Manager. You will go through a problem solving ability assessment to demonstrate your ability in this area. üPassionate about improving students’ learning experience and students’ success. Product managers are customer centric. Focused on creating products that will not only generate revenue but improve students’ learning experience and students’ success. üGood communication and stakeholder management skills. Obviously, this role require a lot of communication. You will be given chance to hone your communication skills and manage your stakeholders. So cool, so what’s the requirement?
  8. +603 7490-2111 | 8 üAm open or able to apply digital technologies in a corporate environment. As we are gearing towards digital education, a product manager will also be expected to be adaptable to the changes in the digital technologies. If you are digitally literate, we welcome you to contribute. You will be given opportunity to learn new technologies skills along the job. üFamiliar with either Python or SQL programming language to manage database. üAbility to use business intelligence tools (such as PowerBI, Tableau) and/or designing tools (Figma) would be a plus. üSelf-driven, creative, innovative, and willing to learn and explore new concepts or ideas. You have the opportunity to create product or services that will not only help our customers, but yourself. So cool, so what’s the requirement?
  9. +603 7490-2111 | 9 üAn above average monthly income and annual bonus commensurate with your qualification and/or experience. üSponsorship to the award winning and highly valued Beyond Insights program to help you create a sustainable source of wealth. You are working in a company that excels in financial education, so you can expect to accelerate your knowledge in wealth generation as well. üAbove average compensation and benefits that include insurance on hospitalization and personal accidents, medical, dental and even optical fee claims, gym membership subsidy etc. üFurther education and training – we believe in continuous learning and we want all our team members to strive for excellence in character and abilities. On the job – you will be stretched out of your comfort zone and grow in your professional, leadership and financial skills every day. * What comes with the career …
  10. +603 7490-2111 | 10 Ready to explore? Drop us an email on and we’ll respond right away!
  11. +603 7490-2111 | 11 EMAIL PHONE +603 7490-2111 WEBSITE Valor Water Analytics #460512 4083 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94146 100.6.011, 129 Offices, Jaya One, No. 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. (Company Registration# 836403V) SOCIAL MEDIA