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Social Media Marketing for Insurance Professionals - AgencyONE

  1. Encourages personal engagement between you and your customers
  2. Adds value to your customers’ experience.
  3. Creates a buzz about your business.
  4. How do they view your brand and products? Is it positive or negative?
  5. Who are the influential voices that are covering your industry?
  6. Are they participating in social networking communities?
  7. Are they on Twitter?
  8. Communications should have a consistent tone and be warm, personal and genuine.
  9. Your campaign will grow as you spend more time (and add resources) toyour efforts.
  10. If campaigns stop growing, it’s time to focus more effort on those areas.
  11. What do you hope to accomplish?
  12. How will you know if your campaign is successful?
  13. What is their demographic?
  14. Where are they conversing online?
  15. Has your web traffic increased and if so, how much has come from social media properties?
  16. Twitter Search –
  17. Join a group and share information
  18. Update your status bar to share valuable information about your business
  19. Find and connect with prospects – build your contact list
  20. Questions and Answers – share your expertise
  21. Dun & Bradstreet
  22. Hoovers Business Information
  23. Marquis Who’s Who
  24. Reuter’s Market Guide
  25. Airmen Certificate – Pilot license
  26. Physicians Profiles
  27. SSA Master Death Index
  28. Do Not Mail Registry
  29. D&B – Business Profiles
  30. D&B – State Business Registrations
  31. GuideStar Directors
  32. GuideStar Foundations
  33. Section 527 Political Organizations
  34. DataQuick Real Estate
  35. LexisNexis Real Estate
  36. Aircraft Registration – FAA
  37. Boat Owners – Coast Guard & State Reg’s
  38. IRS Pension Holders
  39. Reuter’s Market Guide
  40. SEC – Insider Stock (WealthID)
  41. Federal Election Contributions
  42. State Political Donations
  43. Section 527 Organization Donations
  44. Cold-Calling
  45. Email
  46. Seminars
  47. Client Requests

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