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PNI Introduction

  1. Welcome to
  2. About Established in 2009, PNI is a Payment Services Provider (PSP) with a proprietary suite of e-commerce and general payment processing solutions. Our core services include: • Virtual terminal processing (MOTO – Mail Order / Telephone Order) • Credit and debit card processing: Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Switch, Solo, Amex, Discover • Multiple currency processing: € £ $ ¥ • ACH/eCheck processing (US customers) • Payment gateway services (PCI DSS Certified Level 1) With connectivity to more than 80 banks and direct gateway connections into various card associations worldwide, PNI supports companies of all sizes to accept payments in all major currencies.
  3. Corporate Structure
  4. Core Brands and Companies PNI is the parent company. China Payment Services (CPS) provides payment solutions for international online businesses selling into China, as well as payment solutions for companies within China. Velotran is a low risk merchant service entity that provide merchant services to low risk merchants in the USA, including both Point of Sale (POS) and Card Not Present (CNP) solutions. Velotran is also presently planned as the low risk service for the United Kingdom and Australia. Payconnector is a white label gateway system which can be used by merchant service companies worldwide, with their own custom design.
  5. Key Company Milestones 2009 July PNI Group founded September Certified PCI DSS (Tier 1) compliant 2010 January Established eCheck Processing Facility May Small E-money Issuer Certificate granted by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) UK September Wells Fargo Bank sponsored ISO registration October Integrated directly into MasterCard’s Gateway (MiGS) 2011 April Global Payments Agreement August UnionPay/ChinaPay First and Second Agreement September Planet Payments Agreement November Australian Financial Services Licence granted by ASIC (Australia)
  6. Global Coverage
  7. Value Proposition • Leading proprietary developed gateway technology with an advanced user interface • Multi dimensional services  Card not Present (CNP) Solutions  Point of Sale (POS) Solutions  Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency  Bespoke and white label solution flexibility • Proven experience in large scale and complex solution requirements • Unified global platform scalable across all countries and currencies • Advanced web based reporting • Multi-regional capability • Multiple integration options • Recurring payment support • VbV, SecureCode support
  8. Low Risk Versus High Risk What – makes them High Risk? Non tangible goods, recurring billing, high ticket items, industries prone to fraud, service or legal issues. E.g. nutraceuticals, travel Where – are they located? Certain counties have been identified as being more ‘High Risk’ than others by the Banks and card associations. E.g. India, How – do we manage the High Risk accounts? We have strict controls on our internal fraud screening tools/systems to ensure we are monitoring the transactions of each Merchant closely. This enables us to watch for any irregular patterns which may be pointing towards fraudulent behaviour very quickly and to shut the account down to prevent losses for us, the Merchant and the customer. We also have a 24/7 support phone line for Customers to call if they are concerned with a transaction appearing on their credit card statement. We offer an immediate refund policy for the customer. Why – are we taking on businesses in the High Risk area? There are good, clean Merchants processing in this space who need an outlet to conduct their business. The margins on processing high risk merchants are far higher than for low risk.
  9. Core Intellectual Property The Gateway 99.999% Reliability - Reliability is assured with extensive multiple redundant topology and disaster recovery hosting solutions. PCI DSS Level One - Certified as PCI DSS Level One Compliant • Founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa Inc. • Strict change control with emphasis on accountability and chain of command. • Independent 3rd Party performs annual reviews:  Onsite Audit: processes, security awareness  Ethical Hacking / Internal and External Penetration Tests The proprietary PayConnector processing gateway and our specialised service is responsible for: • Multiple bank connectivity • Front end authorisations • Back end settlement • Customer payment support systems • Risk management & fraud control • Real time customizable reporting
  10. How it Works Transaction Flow
  11. How it Works Traditional Model
  12. How it Works White Label Model
  13. Gateway White Labels
  14. Advanced Fraud Prevention System Risk exposure and costly fraud is greatly reduced with a leading suite of detection and prevention tools which include: • Support for address verification (AVS) and card security codes (CVV) • Blacklisting and white-listing of cards and IP addresses • Blocked countries by location of payment request or origin of card • Blocked transactions using credit card negative databases • Checks against comprehensive known fraudsters database • Limits on the maximum number of transaction attempts • Reverse telephone number look-up matched to cardholder address • Geo-locating of transaction IP address matched to cardholder address • PC finger printing
  15. Fraud Screening • Multi stage screening process  Stages and checks run in parallel for speed and load balancing • Identify key fraud indicators  Customer/Computer/IP Address/Country History  Known fraud patterns • Score based system  Transactions blocked or sent to manual review Global Configuration or per Account Stage 1: Validation Merchant/Customer History
  16. Fraud Screening Stage 2: Blacklist Comprehensive database built on our history of processing
  17. Fraud Screening Stage 3: Pre-Authorisation Transaction Scoring
  18. Fraud Screening Post-Authorisation Stages: Refund Queue
  19. Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) • ASIC has granted PNI Financial Services Pty Ltd an Australian Financial Services Licence as of Tuesday the 8th November • PNI Financial Services (and its authorized representatives) can now provide general advice and deal in non-cash payment products including gateway processing services, e-wallet and payment cards to Australian merchants and Australian cardholders • PNI’s business underwent rigorous assessment with ASIC and granting of the AFSL is recognition that people and processes in place are of a high calibre
  20. PNI’s Focus on China In 2010 PNI started researching opportunities for providing payment solutions for China. The scale of payment processing related to China are enormous, especially given the rapid increase in eCommerce business within China. For this reason PNI is prioritising the development of payment products for China. Sample statistics and facts showing the scale and potential include: • China is already the 2nd biggest consumer of luxury goods in the world • China has over 500 million internet users (more internet users than the USA and Europe combined) • China’s eCommerce volume in 2010 was 703 billion USD, by 2015 it is expected to reach 2.8 trillion USD • The Chinese government is actively working to promote ecommerce growth and development
  21. CPS Partnered With ChinaPay China UnionPay (CUP) is the central interbank debit card and credit card platform in China. All cards issued in China bear the UnionPay logo and China UnionPay is the largest globally recognised payment brand based in China. ChinaPay is the third party payments arm of CUP and hold a non-financial third party payments licence by The People’s Bank of China (PBOC). They are a profitable entity, which is unique in the marketplace. • UnionPay Trust – Especially within the luxury brands market, shoppers prefer to purchase with a trusted brand. Being government owned and on all Chinese cards helps build consumer trust. • Global Experience – UnionPay has a rapidly spreading global presence and systems development, which places ChinaPay in a leading position to support global companies. CPS is helping to fill the gaps and provide a true global support system. • B2C Market Share - In terms of market share in the B2C market, ChinaPay is on an equal footing with Alipay, the largest direct competitor in the market. • Superior Support – Our experience shows that companies making a healthy profit in China provide better support. ChinaPay has made healthy profits for the last three years. • Foreign Currency Settlement – Due to the unique ownership structure of ChinaPay and the relationship with The People’s Bank of China, it is easier to facilitate cross border settlement.
  22. eCommerce Payment Flow
  23. CPS Agreement Summaries ChinaPay Agreement 1 - Aggregate Solution • Aggregate solution ideal for small-to-medium sized merchants located overseas • Merchants connect to aggregate ChinaPay MID via CPS gateway • ChinaPay settles all funds to CPS & CPS settles to merchants, less its fees ChinaPay Agreement 2 – Sales Partner • Dedicated solution ideal for larger merchants located in China or looking to move into China • CPS acts as ChinaPay’s official sales partner • Merchants connects to its own dedicated ChinaPay MID • ChinaPay settles funds directly to Merchants and CPS receives percentage of Merchant transaction volume ChinaPay Agreement 3 – E-wallet • Cooperation to develop global e-wallet system targeted on Chinese cross-border business • E-wallet will allow ease of Chinese cross-border ecommerce transactions • Significant development, infrastructure and investment • Timeline and agreements to be negotiated
  24. English Checkout Page Customer selects payment method If they choose UnionPay they are redirected to a hosted currency conversion page or bank selection page depending on your chosen currency setup
  25. Hosted Redirect Currency Confirmation Page USD to RMB Currency Example This page is only presented first when the sale currency is not RMB. The customer confirms the amount they will be deducted in RMB.
  26. ChinaPay Bank Selection Page The customer then chooses which bank they wish to pay via. They authorise the Payment with their own bank and will get a payment success page before being redirected back to your website. This is the standard online payment process in China.
  27. Bank Selection Page Example from Japan Airlines (JAL)
  28. CPS Secure Administration The Dashboard Contains Sample Data Only
  29. CPS Secure Administration Transaction Details Contains Sample Data Only
  30. CPS Secure Administration Transaction Customer Details Contains Sample Data Only
  31. Revenue Models Gateway Only Service (e.g. Payconnector) • Basic transaction processing fee 10 – 20 cents per transaction • Fraud check fee 5 – 10 cents per transaction Low Risk Merchant Processing (e.g. Velotran) • Basic transaction processing fee 10 – 20 cents per transaction • Fraud check fee 5 – 10 cents per transaction • Merchant facility fee 0.10% - 0.60% of volume High Risk Merchant Processing • Basic transaction processing fee 10 – 20 cents per transaction • Fraud check fee 5 – 10 cents per transaction • Merchant facility fee 0.60% - 5.0% of volume • Chargeback fee $20 - $30 per per chargeback • Refund fee $1.00 - $2.00 per refund Third Party Aggregate Service (e.g. CPS) • Basic transaction processing rate 0.50% - 1.8% of volume
  32. Group Sales & Revenue Forecast
  33. Thank you for your time