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Chainer v2 alpha

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Chainer v2 alpha and the future plan are discussed. These slides were used in Chainer Meetup #04 in Tokyo.

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Chainer v2 alpha

  1. 1. Chainer v2 α Seiya Tokui @ Preferred Networks Chainer Meetup #04 | Feb. 23, 2017
  2. 2. (MinPy) Era of dynamic graph frameworks
  3. 3. Chainer as a pioneer in this field • 2015/06: v1.0 • 2015/09: v1.3 (CuPy) • 2015/11: v1.5 (Link/Chain, CuPy in Cython) • 2016/06: [MinPy] • 2016/07: v1.11 (Trainer) • 2017/01: [PyTorch, TensorFlow Fold] • 2017/02: v2.0a
  4. 4. Libraries on top of Chainer • ChainerRL (beta): https://github.com/pfnet/chainerrl Reinforcement learning • ChainerMN (to appear) Multi-node distributed learning
  5. 5. Release plan • Feb. 23: v2.0.0a1 • Mar. xx: v2.0.0b1 • Apr. xx: v2.0.0
  6. 6. How to use Chainer v2.0.0a1 pip install chainer –-pre pip install cupy Documentation: http://docs.chainer.org/en/v2.0.0a1/ CuPy Documentation: http://cupy.docs.chainer.org/
  7. 7. Features of v2.0.0a1 • CuPy is separated into an independent package • Unified configuration / training mode • Removed deprecated/obsolete APIs • Interface improvements
  8. 8. CuPy is separated • CuPy is now a separate project! • https://github.com/cupy/cupy • At the moment, the development of CuPy is still taking place at Chainer v1 • Changes are merged to cupy/cupy after each minor release • In the future, any changes that break compatibilities will be made in the cupy repository
  9. 9. Unified configuration Thread-local-like object to configure Chainer • chainer.config: thread-local configuration • chainer.global_config: process-wide configuration • Users usually only have to touch chainer.config.
  10. 10. Built-in configuration entries • debug • enable_backprop • train • type_check • (use_cudnn, deterministic: to be added)
  11. 11. Training mode • All functions/classes that have training/test mode distinctions now use chainer.config.train flag • Evaluator automatically switches the flag → No need to pass train/test flags manually anymore!
  12. 12. Switching configuration with chainer.using_config(‘train’, False): ... # code runs in test mode with chainer.using_config(‘debug’, True): ... # code runs in debug mode
  13. 13. Removed/modified APIs • Array-creation functions in chainer.cuda module • FunctionSet • wscale option of links and scale option of init_weight (specify weight initializers instead) • force_tuple option of F.split_axis is now set to True by default • Some minor updates
  14. 14. Major features planned for beta and final releases • Optimizer with UpdateRule Can specify hyperparameters for each parameter (e.g. learning rate, hook functions) • Uninitialized variable Used to implement the parameter-shape placeholder • Remove volatile flag Use chainer.config.enable_backprop flag instead • PyCharm-friendly Link/Chain APIs