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Final pizza

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Final pizza

  1. 1. Mamma’s Pizzeria “Now thats a Pizza” Brian Burke
  2. 2. PROBLEM* Local competition(Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Dominos) Solution- We offer a better pizza, with fresh ingredients at affordable price.* Establishing a good name in the community Solution- Teaming up with schools, churches and other local business to ensure we give back to thecommunity and the people of our community* Building a client base Solution- Already have a good name in near buy cities, ( Port Richey, Hudson) Investing inadvertising (newspaper, billboards, flyer) “ I don’t feel comfortable feeding my kids pizza from chain pizzerias, with Mamma’s pizza I know they are using the best ingredients, and everything is made when I order, not sitting under heat lamps for hours” Joe Mills Local customer
  3. 3. Mamma’s Pizzeria Brian Burke MISSION VISION To offer a good To feed pizza at a the affordable Community rate VALUES STRATEGY *Good food To feed the people one *Affordable prices person at a time, and* Customer Service to show that not only do we care about our customers we care about our community.
  4. 4. INDUSTRY ANALYSISThe pizza industry took a hit a few years back during the recession, but is now back on the rise. Right now it is dominated by the four biggest names: Pizza Hut, Domino’s, PapaJohn’s and Little Caesars. They all have extend their menus since the recession to competewith fast food chains. The pizza industry is oneof the largest food industries. American’s love pizza and thats not going to change.
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET People who like New York Style pizza, for lunch or dinner. Families that want restaurant style foodat and affordable rates that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. WHO WE AREN’T TARGETING Our food is for the people that enjoy fresh baked New York Style Pizza, NOT the people would enjoy Pizza Hut Dominos Papa John’s Little Caesars
  6. 6. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses* Fresh baked New York Style Pizza * New company* Location * No customers base yet* A variety of different foods * No seat down sitting* Great lunch and dinner specials * More expensive then chain* Affordable prices pizzeria Threats Opportunity * To be biggest pizzeria in* Most pizzeria’s don’t make it new locationmore then a year * Open another location* Hard to compete with localcompetition* Not being able to compete withchain pizzeria prices
  7. 7. START UP EXPENSES Legal $200 Payroll by Weekly $550 Rent/ Security Deposit $3,000 Computer/ Office Equipment $5,500 Pre- Opening Marketing $500 Office Supplies $300 Total Expenses $10,050 ASSETS Cash in the Bank $10,000 Starting Inventory $10,000 Office Furniture $1,900 Signage $1,000 Leasehold Improvements $12,000 Equipment $21,000 Total Assets $55,900MONTHLY EXPENSE FOR FIRST 6 MONTHS Rent $7,200 Utilities $7,000 Payroll $12,000 Inventory $21,000 Marketing $1,000 Total $48,200
  8. 8. Milestone Start Date End Date Expense Order Equipment 1/12/12 1/18/12 $21,000 Start Construction 1/02/12 3/10/12 $12,000Installation of Equipment 2/13/12 2/14/12 $1,000 Start Advertising 2/20/12 2/20/13 $12,000 Hire Staff 2/15/12 2/15/12 $0 Train Staff 2/21/12 2/27/12 $200 Purchase Delivery Vans 3/01/12 3/05/12 $10,000 Start Utilities 2/13/12 2/13/13 $3,000 Order Inventory 3/01/12 3/01/12 $10,000 Grand Opening 3/15/12 3/15/12 $0 Mamma’s Pizzeria Brian Burke (727)457-4401 Bdburke23@aol.com