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Improving Personal Injury Chances

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Give Your Claim the Best Chances of Success

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Improving Personal Injury Chances

  1. 1. Improving Your Personal Injury Case GIVE YOUR CLAIM THE BEST CHANCES OF SUCCESS
  2. 2. There are No Guarantees in Life For people suffering from a serious injury, there’s little need for a reminder that life isn’t fair. Personal injury claims offer injured people a chance to balance the scales and get compensation for their suffering. There’s no magic formula or sure-fire steps that will guarantee the success of your claim, but you can certainly do yourself some favors by adhering to some general guidelines. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  3. 3. Know What to do Immediately Following an Accident Your actions immediately following an accident can have a big impact on your case. For example, let’s look at things everyone should consider doing after a vehicle accident…  Call 911 to contact the police so they can respond to the scene and file a report.  Seek immediate medical attention for injuries.  Get the information of the other driver, but don’t engage in much dialogue beyond that.  If possible, have someone take pictures of the scene of the crash and gather contact information of witnesses. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  4. 4. Listen to Your Body, Not Your Ego You should never attempt to “shake it off” after being injured. Leave your ego at the door and be vigilant about seeking medical treatment. Even if you aren’t sure how serious your injuries might be, visit a doctor and be proactive about treatment. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  5. 5. Keep Copies of Everything It’s important to gather as much information as possible after being involved in an accident. This means having copies of… Medical bills or records Vehicle repair bills Police reports of your accident Correspondence with insurance companies Pictures of the scene of an accident. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  6. 6. Find the Right Attorney If you have a serious personal injury case, you will need an attorney. That attorney will need to be experienced in personal injury claims and, ideally, have a clearly documented track record of success. Many attorneys offer free consultations, during which you can... Ask them about their experience. Determine how comfortable you feel with them. Ask how they expect to be paid. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  7. 7. Listen to Your Attorney Once you’ve hired an attorney, follow their advice. Attorneys not only handle paperwork and correspondence with insurance companies, they’ll also be willing to give you advice about what you should and shouldn’t do. You will be best served by taking that guidance seriously. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  8. 8. Be Mindful of How You Present Yourself If you want your claim to be taken seriously, you should present yourself in a serious manner. Dress in a professional manner and do your best to have a well-kempt appearance. In other words, now’s the time to dust off your suit instead of wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt. Your attorney will be able to offer suggestions about your self- presentation. Follow that advice. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  9. 9. Be Realistic About Your Case Don’t go into the process thinking that you will be awarded obscene amounts of money for a minor injury. However, you shouldn’t undervalue your case, either. Understand the damages you’ve encountered, rely on your attorney’s counsel and figure out how much your claim is worth to you. You will then be more resolute throughout the duration of your claim. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  10. 10. Commit to Your Case In some cases, the person filing an injury case is willing to let their case proceed only so far, and they might be reluctant to see it end up in trial. While it’s up to you to decide how far you’re willing to go, you should also know that claims tend to be more successful when the other side knows you won’t be easily deterred. Stand your ground and be willing to commit to your case. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  11. 11. Stay Off Social Media One of your worst enemies in a personal injury case is your own social media presence. Not only should you not post anything about your case, you should refrain from engaging with social media entirely. Anything you say online can and will be used against you. Even an innocent picture of you enjoying brunch might be fuel for an opposing attorney. Do yourself a favor and self-impose a complete social media blackout throughout the personal injury claim process. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation
  12. 12. Contact Steven H. Heisler Today If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence, contact the Maryland Injury Lawyer, Steven H. Heisler. We’ll give you an honest, no-nonsense assessment of your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. (410) 625-4878 call for a free consultation