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Internal Communications 2008 / 1st Place / Give a Dream! 2007

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Internal Communications 2008 / 1st Place / Give a Dream! 2007

  1. 1. Categorie:Inner communicationsTitle of campaign:Give a Dream! 2007short common description of the campaign::Clients: The Swiss pharmaceutical company Mepha Baltic and the "Aptieka 1"group of pharmacies.The "Give a Dream!" project began in 2005, when Mepha Baltic and The TamroPharmacy Programme ("Aptieka 1") decided to organise a socially significantcharitable project which would not only offer benefits to the specific donationrecipient, but also would make a lasting investment in public education and inencouraging others to take part in such processes. The agency created the "Give aDream!" campaign to help children with life-threatening diseases to fulfil theirdreams and to purchase equipment of the Association of Paediatric Palliative Care.• In the first year, when postcards drawn by children were sold at pharmacies, LVL5,000 were collected;• On the second year, children and distinguished Latvian musicians recorded the"Give a Dream!" album, and the sale of the albums raised LVL 10,000 for thechildren and the process of their palliative care.
  2. 2. research work done during the campaign:PR agency project met with charity experts to learn about the profile of donors.During the meeting, organisers learned several important aspects about choosing adonation mechanism and selecting the right time for the project.At a seminar for pharmacists and in individual conversations, organisers learnedthe views of "Aptieka 1" pharmacy directors about the previous years "Give aDream!" project. Organisers listened to the recommendations of pharmacists as tohow the project could be made even more effective.With the help of competent legal and bookkeeping consultants, the agency alsodrafted a donation scheme that was in line with the requirements of the StateRevenue Service and the Ministry of Finance.The fundraising plan was presented to "Aptieka 1" pharmacy directors, and theirapproval was sought.The agency studied the range of informational supporters to select the mostappropriate ones.After a review of the previous years experiences, the agency decided to preservethe "Give a Dream!" goals, but to change and simplify the methods whereby thegoals can be achieved.In order to make sure that the "Give a Dream!" campaign did not get lost amongmany charity projects in 2007, as well as to ascertain that the role of pharmacistsin the project might be enhanced, there had to be an idea as to how projectorganisers could address the public more effectively, achieve the goals of thecampaign, and involve the directors of "Aptieka 1" pharmacies.
  3. 3. strategy:Goals:• To promote pharmacy loyalty in the "Aptieka 1" brand;• To present "Aptieka 1" pharmacies as socially responsible pharmacies whichhelp to educate society;• To ensure that "Aptieka 1" pharmacies can make a substantial social investmentby raising funds to fulfil the dreams of seriously ill children, some of whom cannotbe cured, to organise a summer camp for children and their families, and to assistthe Association of Paediatric Palliative Care.In order to promote pharmacist loyalty in the new "Aptieka 1" brand, the "Give aDream!" project in 2007 helped to communicate the new name of the former"Tamro Pharmacy Programme".There were two opportunities to donate money during the project:• Donation boxes at all "Aptieka 1" pharmacies in Latvia;• The charity portal www.ziedot.lv.The main informational supporters for the project were Radio SWH (free radioadvertising), as well as Latvias largest social networking site, www.draugiem.lv,which provided the homepage for the project, as well as an advertising banner onthe portal.One of the most important aspects of the homepage was that it gave pharmacydirectors a reciprocal link with respect to the project (the dreams that werefulfilled, the amount of money that was raised, etc.).
  4. 4. Measurement criteria:• Total donations (particularly through donation boxes in the "Aptieka 1"pharmacies;• Responsiveness of pharmacists;• Publicity.The messages:• The main message: The "Give a Dream!" project invites you to help in thefulfilment of the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses by makingdonations via the www.ziedot.lv portal or the donation boxes that can be found at"Aptieka 1" pharmacies throughout Latvia;• The secondary message: The project is organised by Aptieka 1 & Mepha.Communications ideas and methods:1. In concluding the previous years project and planning the new one, organisersassembled a seminar for the directors of "Aptieka 1" pharmacies.2. The agency designed informational and visual materials for the campaign (thedonation boxes, informational flyers and posters in pharmacies).3. The project was launched with an emotional event at a "Aptieka 1" pharmacy inRīga. In order to emphasise the emotional and social importance of the project, theevent was attended by representatives of the Association for Paediatric PalliativeCare, as well as by the parents and classmates of a young girl called Betija, whohad been helped by the "Give a Dream!" campaign in the past.4. Thanks to a surprising level of public support, the dreams of 11 seriously illchildren could be fulfilled just two weeks after the project campaign began, andthe process was reflected on the "Give a Dream!" homepage.
  5. 5. Results of the campaign and evaluation::• Over the course of three months, the "Give a Dream!" project collected anunexpectedly large sum of money - more than LVL 54,100.• Most pharmacy directors said that they would be prepared to be involved in theproject in future, too. Asked why, the most often talked about making aninvestment that is socially responsible and important to the public.• There was increasing support among "Aptieka 1" pharmacies for the "Give aDream!" project. This was seen in the reciprocal link with pharmacists, as well asin the fact that several pharmacies made substantial investments in popularisingthe project and raising funds through individual contributions.• The dreams of 11 seriously ill children were fulfilled: A BMX bike for Elvis sothat he could ride together with his cousin. A princess bed for 3-year-old Daniela.Ski equipment which will allow 5-year-old Edīte to keep up with her sisters on themountain. And more.• The sum allowed to organise a three day camp for families and children, and topurchase necessary equipment for the everyday treatment of children by theAssociation of Palliative Care.• The "Give a Dream!" homepage was visited by more than 5,000 people a day.The page registered 2,361 supporters, more than 120 E-mails were received, andmore than 220 comments were written under information about projectdevelopments.
  6. 6. • There were 96 stories in the national and regional media.

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