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Social Media Marketing Trends 2014

Trends in social media marketing for 2014

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Social Media Marketing Trends 2014

  1. 1. Social media marketing TRENDS
  2. 2. Sky is the limit! So, therefore, 2014 is seems to be the best year to create: • visual content inspired by beautiful stories • new ways to engage people take action • online powerful brand manifesto.
  3. 3. What’s new?
  4. 4. Visual content will explode
  5. 5. Photos: the most engaging post type on Facebook
  6. 6. So, marketers should focus on brand photography in order to attract consumers on FB pages and keep them coming back
  7. 7. Video Clips Infographics Brand Photo Design Impact Action Photos ON
  8. 8. Twitter goes wild!
  9. 9. For small and medium brands is getting harder to manage vibrant communities on Facebook. …so Twitter represents their way out of spendings and substantial efforts.
  10. 10. The rise of Pinterest
  11. 11. is Pin e Pintterest is gr ing as growing,, as consumers embrace the visual design style. UNIQUE ) VISITORS (USA Average minutes per visitor: 97:48 GLOBAL Average r minutes pe visitor: 89 Source: hotinsocialmedia.com
  12. 12. alive?
  13. 13. By having more than 540 mil users, Google+ is getting more and more difficult to ignore. Google+ remains an important part of the digital ladscape and will gain more mainstream attention.
  14. 14. Brands love it because is so visual and interfere with people’s desire for content which can be expressed in visual forms.
  15. 15. Important player for B2B Business Growth
  16. 16. By launching Influencers Program, Linkedin is positioning itself as the largest source of content creation and curation for business profesionnals.
  17. 17. Mobile Marketing TAKEOVERS
  18. 18. Mobile app market to grow to 35 billion $
  19. 19. There are more and more products and services in the world, but so less time to sort them out.
  20. 20. create beautiful stories around your brand and be remembered.