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Multiple gestation

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Multiple gestation

  1. 1. SALAHUDDIN 08-163 (Batch-J)
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  4. 4. SUPERFECUNDATION: It is the fertilization of the two different ova released in the same cycle by separate act of the coitus within short period of time. SUPERFETATION: It is the fertilization of the two ova released in the different menstrual cycles. FOETUS PAPYRACEOUS OR COMPRESSUS: It is a state which occurs if one of the fetus dies early .The dead fetus is compressed and flattened between membrane of the living fetus and the uterine wall. It may occur in both the twins but more commonly occurs in uniovular twins. VANISHING TWINS: Serial USG in multiple pregnancy since early gestation reveals occasional death of one fetus and continuation of pregnancy with the surviving one. The dead fetus if within 14 weeks simply vanishes by reabsorption.
  5. 5. - Clomiphen citrate
  6. 6. DELIVERY OF THE SECOND BABYDELIVERY OF THE SECOND BABY Following the birth of the first baby, the lie, presentation, size and FHS of second baby should be noted by abdominal examination. Vaginal examination is done to confirm the presentation.