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8 PowerPoint Shortcuts To Rock Your Next Presentation (Infographics)

Do you love making slides? Does PowerPoint run through your blood? If the answer to these questions is yes, we share your passion for making an attractive presentation. So we decided to share with you some secrets – more like, some easy tricks which most people overlook – just to make your presentation work more efficient.

If you are a good presenter then these tricks will make you a sexy presenter! These are some of the easiest but coolest tweaks that you can pull off during your next presentation. Simple yet effective and you can master these within the next 10 minutes!

Go on, master these clever little tricks, hone your presentation skills and just remember to thank us later.

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8 PowerPoint Shortcuts To Rock Your Next Presentation (Infographics)

  1. 1. 8POWERPOINT SHORTCUTS For White screen Press W For Blank screen Press B Press T To set New timings To go to a Slide number Press Number + ENTER View all slides In a dialog box CNTRL +S To view Task bar Press s To stop or restart An auto presentation To end a Presentation CNTRL +T Press ESC Speed Efficiency Coolness These are important for