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Dreamforce 2014 Salesforce Admin Keynote

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Join the Salesforce Admin team as they introduce the new AwesomeAdmin Superheroes, thank the Salesforce Community, give you some amazing numbers around the work that Admins are doing as well challenge you to be an Awesome Admin.
2014 is the Year of the Admin
I can’t say enough how excited we are for this moment. This is truly the year of the Admin.
None of the successes we have highlighted at Dreamforce would be possible without admins. YOU are the true innovators of Salesforce. YOU are the people who make magic happen. The technology that is being delivered will help you be awesome at your job, deliver real business value and drive your career to new heights. Being a Salesforce Admin is something to be very proud of.

Did you know that there are over 2,000,000 Salesforce admins? Salesforce admins are a unique class of people who are delivering business value - and you don’t even have to know how to code to do it. We talk about revolutions and technology disruptions here at Salesforce. I’m here to let you in on one of the best kept secrets - Admins are truly disruptors in the technology space.

YOU bring innovation to life.
We all listened to Marc’s keynote yesterday - and we saw amazing stories from amazing brands of Coca-Cola, Honeywell and GE Capital. The people who turn those visions and innovations into reality are all sitting here in this room. And there are thousands of new innovations in the making.

YOU deliver value in many ways.
Salesforce Admins are the true and unsung Superheroes for so much of their companies successes. Behind every dollar of ROI of a Salesforce implementation, every hour of employee productivity saved, every eliminated headache from IT, and every valuable data driven business insight at all of these companies - there is a Salesforce Admin that made it all happen.

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Dreamforce 2014 Salesforce Admin Keynote

  1. 1. The Salesforce Admin Keynote Sarah Franklin @swbjoyce Mike Gerholdt @mikegerholdt Gillian Madill @gmadill LeeAnne Templeman @leeandroid
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  3. 3. Sarah Franklin Senior Director, Admin Marketing
  4. 4. 2014 is the year of the salesforce admin!
  5. 5. 1,300,000 success community members
  6. 6. Salesforce Admins Bring Innovation to Life
  7. 7. Salesforce Admins Deliver Real Business Value As of Aug 2014 Increase Productivity Take Business Mobile Data Driven Decisions Build Custom Apps Giving Back to the Community
  8. 8. Salesforce Admins Deliver Real Business Value As of Aug 2014 3,552,768 active workflows 9,659,037 validation rules 68,970,534 custom fields
  9. 9. Salesforce Admins Make Users Happy
  10. 10. Salesforce Admin Digest Tips & Tricks with a No Fluff Guarantee Welcome to our new digest, packed full of useful tips, tricks and tutorials to help you be a rockstar admin and a hero to your company Put Salesforce1 to work for you. Tip 1: Reduce Time to Update Opportunities Use quick actions to reduce the amount of fields required for frequent business events such as winning a deal or qualifying an opportunity. Contributed by Mary Scotton Tip 2: Directly Link to Salesforce1 in Your Emails Customize your email templates so that your users are sent straight into the Salesforce1 mobile app. They will love how easy this is to use! Contributed by Eanna Cunnane Tip 3: Eliminate Emails and Paper for Road Warriors View, print, email, and even store files offline with Files & Groups in Salesforce1. Your traveling sales reps and execs who use external files will thank you! Contributed by Jennifer Wobser Salesforce1 for Admins Webinar Haven't started using the Salesforce1 Mobile App? Learn tips and tricks from awesome admins Shannon Grimm, Amanda Ream, and Jennifer Wobser. Hosted by Mary Scotton, this hour will kickstart your Salesforce1 Mobile App success! Date: 04/23/2014 Time: 10:00AM PT  Register for the Webinar Admin Workshops Our Admin Marketing Mantra: Good Stuff, No Fluff Admin Content Admin Website Join us at buttonclickadmin.com
  11. 11. Everyone of YOU is a Salesforce Superhero
  12. 12. Introducing the Salesforce #awesomeAdmin Superheroes
  13. 13. Mike Gerholdt Admin Evangelist
  14. 14. Harness Your Salesforce Superhero Powers
  15. 15. Take business mobile
  16. 16. Salesforce1: Make it All Mobile, Instantly Download from your favorite app store now Windows Phone Store Google Play Apple App Store Instantly deploy mobile apps. Turn all of your existing configurations into mobile apps without code.
  17. 17. SalesforceA: Manage Salesforce from Anywhere Download from your favorite app store now Windows Phone Store Google Play Apple App Store Everything Needed for Admins on the Go. Securely and easily manage users, features and permissions.
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Increase productivity & Efficiency
  20. 20. Introducing: Lightning Process Builder A Workflow Tool for Everyone Efficiency Created With Clicks. Translate business requirements into processes without any code. Business Logic All in One Place. Centralize all of your business logic into one easy to find location.
  21. 21. Demo
  22. 22. Master data
  23. 23. Introducing: Salesforce De-Dupe Keep your users happy and your data clean. Prevent duplicate data entry on accounts, leads and contacts.
  24. 24. Demo
  25. 25. De-dupe party tonight @ 4:30 PM admin zone moscone west 2nd floor
  26. 26. Superhero Spotlight
  27. 27. Salesforce.com Administrator Business Systems Analyst Salesforce Consultant Dale Ziegler Jennifer Wobser Nick Lindberg
  28. 28. Salesforce.com Administrator Business Systems Analyst Salesforce Consultant Dale Ziegler Jennifer Wobser Nick Lindberg
  29. 29. Sarah Franklin Senior Director, Admin Marketing
  30. 30. Build custom apps
  31. 31. Introducing: Lightning App Builder Design-time builder for enterprise apps Extensible design- time palette. Create custom components, or install partner components from the AppExchange. Build for any device. Anyone can drag & drop components within a rich design interface, and render for any device.
  32. 32. Demo
  33. 33. Mentor & give back to the community
  34. 34. Admins Connect on the Salesforce Success Community Engage with a vibrant community of 1.3M+ Admins. Ask questions, get answers. Post tips and tricks. Connect with other users. success.salesforce.com
  35. 35. Superhero Spotlight
  36. 36. Mariel Espinal IT and Operations Associate
  37. 37. Cheryl Feldman Business Systems Analyst
  38. 38. A job well done
  39. 39. Vicki DiSalvo Vice President Sales & Marketing Technology
  40. 40. Go forth and be a salesforce superhero
  41. 41. Device Family Without Screens
  42. 42. Certification Logos for “Speaker Intro Slides” For salesforce.com use only Guides for logo placement
  43. 43. Admin Superhero Spotlight