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Accelerating your learning

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Our Managing Director, Maureen Murphy, and our Senior ID, Michael Stevens, discuss how to accelerate your learning using learning approaches.

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Accelerating your learning

  1. 1. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Dr Maureen Murphy & Michael Stevens Aurion Learning ACCELERATE YOUR LEARNING APPLYING LEARNING APPROACHES
  2. 2. www.aurionlearning.com Planning Design Delivery
  3. 3. www.aurionlearning.com Traditional Merril’s Principles of Instruction Gagne’s 9 events Keller’s ARC Model of motivation Constructivism, Behavourism Current Brain friendly Learning Spaced Learning Social Learning Big Data & Adaptive Learning
  4. 4. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com P A CI M T
  5. 5. www.aurionlearning.com Planning Design Delivery
  6. 6. www.aurionlearning.com Focus on the behaviours
  7. 7. www.aurionlearning.com What do you want learners to be able to DO after completing the training?
  8. 8. www.aurionlearning.com What do learners want to be able to DO after completing the training?
  9. 9. www.aurionlearning.com Seize the ‘Moment’ DIF KISS Action Mapping
  10. 10. www.aurionlearning.com Focus on the behaviours
  11. 11. www.aurionlearning.com 1. New to the subject area 2. Need to develop skills & competence 3. Apply their learning to practice 4. Experienced & have to be able to problem- solve 5. Experienced but learn a new way of doing something 5 Moments of Learning Need - Gottfredson & Mosher
  12. 12. www.aurionlearning.com D • What do staff find difficult? I • What’s the 3 interesting things you want to emphasise? F • What’s frequently asked ?
  13. 13. www.aurionlearning.com K • What do you want to Keep and reinforce? I • What existing practice do you want to Improve? S • What good practice do you want to Start? S • What poor practice do you want to Stop? What does good behaviour ‘look like’?
  14. 14. www.aurionlearning.com • What can we include that will motivate our learners to develop the skills? • What underpinning knowledge is needed and how should it be delivered? • What is inside/outside scope for management, technical or culture issues • How can we provide real-world ways to develop skills? Skills Environment MotivationKnowledge Action Mapping - Cathy Moore
  15. 15. www.aurionlearning.com Planning Design Delivery
  16. 16. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com P A CI M T
  17. 17. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com P A C Present concepts Activities to develop skills Opportunities to Connect to work/life Enter at any point
  18. 18. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Learning Objective: Select the correct extinguisher to use in a fire Present element Activity element Connect element Learner is introduced to the four different types of extinguisher. They explore the different fire extinguisher labels using a click and reveal interaction. Learner is presented with a fire scenario and is asked to select from a range of different fires. If choice is correct the fire is extinguished. Feedback is given. Learner has to download a map and mark out the different types and locations of extinguishers available in their workplace.
  19. 19. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Reading Listening Watching Present Passive learner Active learner Reflective learner P Answering questions Choosing options Arranging and matching Searching and finding Quiz/challenge Exercises Assignments Playing a game Scenario Simulation Activity A Case studies Job aids Examples Real life stories Reflection Planning Taking notes Work Activities Discussing Simulations Connect C Taking new stuff in Practise makes perfect How I will use it?
  20. 20. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com P A C Present: Core & Extended Activities to develop skills Opportunities to Connect to work/life Enter at any point
  21. 21. www.aurionlearning.com Planning Design Delivery
  22. 22. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com ADDIE Agile “Organize, don't agonize” Nancy Pelosi
  23. 23. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Planning Alpha Beta Gold
  24. 24. www.aurionlearning.com Wrapping it up
  25. 25. www.aurionlearning.com Focus on • The behaviours – using the right fit for you - DIF, KISS, Action Mapping. • Real world challenges (expert practitioner, novice practitioner and subject expert) • The core, delivering the tricky bits early, with links to a coherent extended learning - learning pathway with spaced practice over time.
  26. 26. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Thanks & Questions Q&A
  27. 27. www.aurionlearning.com www.aurionlearning.com Learning that works.