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A Product Relaunch Report

A strategic marketing management report includes the identification of grey areas behind the failure of a product, development of new strategies and prepare a perfect relaunch of a product i.e. a Mosquito Repellent lotion - Inseguard

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A Product Relaunch Report

  1. 1. Marketing is not an event, but a process . . . It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely. MARKETING - Jay Conrad Levinson
  2. 2. Strategic Marketing Management Re-Launch of INSE-GUARD
  3. 3. Introduction • The presentation is about Re-launch of Inse- Guard a mosquito repellent lotion by PeriDot Products (Pvt.) Pakistan. • We will Take you through – Introduction of the company its products. – Reasons for Failure of Inse-Guard. – Re-launch.
  4. 4. Introduction of PERIDOT PRODUCTS (PVT) LIMITED • Company Name: PERIDOT PRODUCTS (PVT) LIMITED – (Formerly: Sara Lee Kiwi Pakistan (Pvt) Limited) • Peridot Products (Pvt) Limited, is owned by Gulistan Group of Companies one of the biggest leading textile group of Pakistan.
  5. 5. Introduction of PERIDOT PRODUCTS (PVT) LIMITED • COMPANY’s LOCATION AND MANUFACTURING FACILITIES – Head Office: • Lakson Square, Building No. 3, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi – Third party Manufacturing Facility • Backup Innovators – S.I.T.E. in Karachi
  6. 6. MISSION STATEMENT PERIDOT PRODUCTS Create critical mass by acquiring bigger slice of market share of existing product range in a highly competitive market of Pakistan.
  7. 7. Some products of PERIDOT
  8. 8. INSE-GUARD Mosquito Repellant
  9. 9. INSE-GUARD Product Attributes Product INSE-Guard Appearance Clear Liquid Fragrance Floral smell of solvent Shelf Life 12 Months Packaging 60 ml plastic flip top open bottle Storage Room temperature Safety & Health • Inflammable liquid • Safe on Human Skin • Avoid contact with eyes
  10. 10. Continuation / Discontinuation of INSE-GUARD • Based on the following points, we can easily conclude that INSE-GUARD is a failure product: – Unsalable product. – Least or negligible off take. – Stock still full in warehouse. – Complains from customers regarding product. (size, cap)
  11. 11. Reasons for product failure • Lack of Advertising techniques • ATL Activities – Less frequency of TVC – Printed Adv just in Punjab paper (NAWA-E- WAQT) • BTL Activities – Just POS promotion: » Stickers / Posters, Mobile Hangers, Shelf talkers
  12. 12. Press Advertisement
  13. 13. Reasons for product failure • Weak Organization structure CEO GM SUPPY CHAIN GM MARKETING GM FINANCE Marketing Manager Asst. Marketing Manager
  14. 14. Brand Share percentage Source MOSPEL 70% Abbott Laboratories OFF! 10% S C JOHNSON Miscellaneous local & imported products 20% Total 100% Reasons for product failure • Imprecise Positioning in market • Not sure about challenger or follower
  15. 15. Reasons for product failure • Lack of consumer Awareness • Not much benefits for retailers • Ineffective monitoring of distribution • Delayed Launch (November) • Opportunity Lost (Dengue break through)
  16. 16. TVC of INSE-GUARD • Ab Aaya Naya INSE-GUARD, Mosquito Repellent • Machar Laakh Chahy par Kaat na paaye • AAB MILI DENGUE OR MALARIA SE MUKAMMAL NIJAAT • Dheemi Khushboo, Taiz Asar …! INSE GUARD
  17. 17. Re-Launch INSE-GUARD
  18. 18. SWOT Analysis • Strength – Brand name depicting its purpose. – Additional Mildly Perfumed feature. – The only Mildly Perfumed Mosquito Repellent available in market. – Competitive Price. – Positive balance between Image & Affordability to ensure its leading position in terms of ‘Value for Money’ in the Low Segment. – Attractive appearance with easy flip top open. • Weaknesses – Lower image ratings due to nil consumer awareness. – Non availability of product Vs. competition. – Weak and uncontrolled distribution – Less A&P activities compared to competitors. – Less product life on shelves. – Packaging weaknesses • Bottle Size & Transparency • Flip top Malfunctioning
  19. 19. SWOT Analysis • Opportunities – Introduction & Acceptance of new products under same brand range extension in household insecticides through proper marketing. – Growing trend of share/ sales in household insecticides category. – Increasing consumer awareness about diseases caused by mosquito. • National TV campaign against Dengue • Threats – Myriad of local & imported brands available in market. – Extensive A&P of Market Leader – Bargaining power of distributers
  20. 20. SWOT Analysis SO Associate the fragrance factor with safety from malaria and other disease to get the advantage of increased consumer awareness WO Increase A&P activities to increase brand recognition which will help in Building brand equity. ST Focus on trade relationship with distributors and retailers to support INSE-GUARD & build up communication for future plans. Strength Weakness OpportunitiesThreats WT Maximize market penetration by given trade discounts on bulk purchase to retailers.
  21. 21. Marketing Mix • Product – Objectives • New improved packaging – Resize the bottle to accurate 60ml – Issues with the flip top cap will be resolved at manufacturing end – Strategy • Ensure price maintenance as of competition. • Achieve brand superiority over competition. – Future Plans • More SKU’s of INSE-GUARD – Pocket size bottle (30ml) • Explore demand for product range – Wet tissues – Candles – Liquidator
  22. 22. Marketing Mix • Price – Objectives: • Penetrate market with a competitive price , lower than most competitors. Brand Bottle Size Price Abbott’s Mospel 50 ml PKR 85/= Johnson’s OFF! 50 ml PKR 85/= Peridot’s Inse guard 60 ml PKR 75/=
  23. 23. Marketing Mix (Price) Cont’d – Strategy: • PENETRATION PRICING STRATEGY • To become a low cost provider in mosquito repellent category and at the same time maintaining the differentiation. • Sustain price by utilizing less costly value chain activities.
  24. 24. Marketing Mix • Place/Distribution – Objectives • Increase distribution of Inse-Guard Mosquito Repellent in urban/ rural areas of country with a major focus on urban areas of Pakistan. – Strategy • Trade/ Wholesale Promotions and Retailer Loyalty Programs to enhance trade recommendation and support. • Special Promotions/ Trade Discounts for urban/ rural wholesalers to support distribution improvements. – Future Plans • Specific budget will be planned separately for trade support to enhance and sustain distribution levels
  25. 25. Distribution of INSE-GUARD Mosquito Repellent lotion Distribution EXPORT LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS WHOLE SELLERS RETAILERS Consumers
  26. 26. Marketing Mix • Promotion – Objectives – To identify the correct target market. – To effectively communicate Inse-Guard to target consumers. – Strategy • Frequency marketing strategy will be used to create a recognition for INSE-GUARD on all type of media. – ATL Activities » Frequency of 10 sec TVC and Radio » New Tag line » Colored Printed Adv in Jang and Dawn • BTL Activities – POS promotion: » Stickers / Posters, Mobile Hangers, Shelf talkers
  28. 28. Selected Media Channels
  29. 29. THANK YOU Tip: Customers buy for their reasons, not yours