biochemistry metabolism protein metabolism medical clinical biochemistry amino acids glucose metabolism of proteins lipids carbohydrate mbbs fat soluble vitamins dna carbohydrate metabolism molecular biology diabetes mellitus proteins clinical laboratory sugar chemistry bds nursing biological oxidation vitamins cholesterol dm diabetes tumor markers insulin cancer etc chemistry of proteins heme haem heme metabolism aromatic amino acids steroid cholesterol metabolism blood sugar gtt glucose tolerance test cancer markers colon cancer breast cancer genetic code glucagon digestion absorption cell organelles cell protein electrophoresis electrophoresis techniqe post-transcriptional modification reverse transcriptase rna polymerase prokaryotic dna transcription eukaryotic dna transcription dna polymerase replication fork okazaki fragments replication of dna dna replication - orotic aciduria pyrimidine synthesis and degradation purine salvage pathway gout lesch-nyhan syndrome hyperuricemia biosynthesis of purine ribonucleotide f0f1 atpase substrate level phosphorylation p:o ratio chemiosmotic theory oxidative phosphorylation inhibitors of etc components of electron transport chain electron transport chain adenosine triphosphate atp high energy compounds reduction protein oxidation bioenergetics gluconeogenesis vitamin k fat soluble antioxidant vitamin e rna translation sunshine vitamin calcium homeostasis osteomalacia rickets 1 25 dhcc dhcc calcitriol cholecalciferol vitamin d night blindness walds visual cycle vitamin a & vision tocopherol vitamin a properties of proteins structure of proteins structural organization of proteins cppp sterols types of phosholipids phosholipids functions lipid chemistry lipoproteins glycolipids phosholipids complex lipids tgl triglycerides triacylglycerols properties of fatty acids classification of fatty acids fatty acids lipids functions lipid classification glucose transport amylase metabolism of lipids bile salts jaundice bilirubin hb hemoglobin porphyria cytokines type 2 dm inflammatory cytokines inflammation acidic amino acid metabolism of basic amino acids isoleucine leucine brached chain amino acid väline methionine sulfur containing aas cystine cysteine tryptophan metabolic disorders of phenylalanine and tyrosine metabolic disorders of phenylalanine pku phenylketonuria tyrosine phenylalanine glycine deamination transamination ammonia eicosanoids polyunsaturated fatty acids prostaglandins ldl hdl vldl lipoprotein metabolism chd steroid synthesis multienzyme complex de novo synthesis of fatty acid de novo synthesis fatty acid synthesis alpha oxidation oxidation of fatty acids beta oxidation antiinsulin hyperglucemia pdh acetyl coa pyruvate uronic acid pathway watson nucelic acid crick types of dna tau protein pathphysiology alzheimer oxidative stress nfts beta amyloid alzheimers disease gsd glycogen storage disease tumor tests codon codes mutation plasma membrane fluid mosaic model transport across cell membrane ogtt test elecrophoresis molecular biology technique coronary medicine acute coronary syndromes algorithm algorithm laboratory poster pathology central clinical lab animation integration of metabolism alkalosis acidosis acid base balance ph balance dental protein sythesis central dogma digestion and absorption of proteins absorption of lipids digestion of lipids digestion and absorption of lipids glycogen metabolism glycogenesis glycogenolysis quality control qc malignancy protein hmp shunt hexose monophosphate shunt tricarboxylic acid cycle krebs cycle citric acid cycle tca pathway glycolysis
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