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Honey production and packaging

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Honey production and packaging

  1. 1. HONEY PRODUCTION AND PACKAGING Arshpreet Kaur (L-2K17-AE- 10-BIV) HONEY • Sweet fluid produced by honey bees. • Derived from flower nectar. • Sweetness comes from monosaccharides fructose and glucose Apis florea Apis Dorsata Apis Mellifera Apis Cerana SPECIES OF HONEY BEES WILD DOMESTICATED Major nectar producing flowers are Plectranthus, Brassica, Trifolium, Acacia, Prunus, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Robinia, Kinnow Removing honey from honey supers The process of removing honey from supers is called“extracting” the cappings from the honey comb.This is usually done with a knife. Uncap combs Draining Honey STEPSIN PROCESSING OFHONEY Insert in Extractor Crank Centrifuge Honey Draining EXTRACTION OF HONEY Packaged Honey BEE HIVE PRODUCTS • Bee Wax if liquid honey is being obtained. The process begins with removing • Propolis • Royal Jelly