product life cycle branding decisions a study to evaluate the banking services study to evaluate the banking services provided to 4 c's of marketing 7 p's of marketing 4p's of marketing marketing mix consumer behaviour lifestyle and consumer behaviour lifestyle product classifications levels of product product management nature of consumer factors affecting consumer market incetives and fringe benefits fringe benefits product line extensions product line new product developement objectives of industrial relations industrial relations classifications of marketing environment macro environment micro environment marketing environment strategic marketing planning functions of marketing competition based pricing mark up pricing methods of pricing pricing method brand developement brand sponsorship brand positioning pricing of product mix product mix marketing strategies wages and sallery administration wages and sallery niche market traits niche market niche marketing job rotation flexi place flexi time quality of work life market segmentation ppt on market segmentation ppt on product line decisions ppt on product line ppt on product positioning ppt on compensation management & performance appra ppt on performance appraisal ppt on recriutment and selection process ppt on decision making process
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