anil dusane naac e-governance gender audit photosynthesis scatter diagram data secondary data primary data population dusane administrative audit iso 5s kaizen phospholipids physical properties of proteins proteins values green audit dr. anil dusane academic and administrative audit quality assurance iqac performance management system employability skills biodiversity audit naac criterion 7 energy audit palynology taxonomy skills creativity significance of calvin cycle rudp pga calvin cycle electron carriers non-cyclic photophosphorylation cyclic photosphorylation photophosphorylation hlll reaction light reaction photosystems red drop and emmerson effect photosynthetic pigments chlorophylls quantasomes photosynthetic reaction centre photosynthetic apparatus physico-chemical reaction chemiosmotic theory pentose phosphate pathway(ppp) balance sheet of atp adenine triphosphate atp diagrammatic representation of ets oxidative phosphorylation electron transport system respiratory quotient(rq) significance of citric acid cycle tca cycle krebs cycle citric acid cycle significance of glycolysis steps in glycolysis glycolysis aerobic respiration fermentation anaerobic respiration respiration outline of academic and administrative audit pdca cycle management techniques documentation financial audit audit references budget format budget justification of research project scope of research studies review of literature formulation of hypothesis introduction comonents of research proposal tips for researcher importance of research process of research funding agencies research proposal research project alternative hypothesis null hypothesis type of error-ii type of error-i critical regions paired t test unpaired t test level of significance chi-square test students t test hypothesis test hypothesis goodness of fit testing of hypothesis poisson distribution normal distribution binomial distribution decision tree applications of probability laws of probability venn diagram mutually exclusive events simple event concept of probability probability distributions probability epidemiology linear regression regression analysis application of correlation coefficient correlation coefficient graph method non-linear correlation linear correlation multiple correlation simple correlation negative correlation positive correlation types of correlation regression correlations data science coefficient of variation standard error standard deviation variance mean deviation range variability dispersion mode median harmonic mean geometric mean arithmatic mean good measures of central tendency measures of central tendency central tendency percentage bar diagram simple bar diagram bar diagram lilne diagram frequency curve divided bar diagram frequency polygon histogram graph complex tables simple tables frequency distribution qualitative data quantiative data graphical representation tables quota sampling convinience sampling judgement sampling stratified sampling systematic sampling random number method lottery method replicates non-random sampling random sampling types of sampling advantages of sampling choice of sampling methods size of sample sampling sample physiology genetics ecology molecular biology parameter discrete variable variable biometry biostatistics e-administration best practices for non-teaching staff role of non-teaching staff support staff non teaching staff stem wisdom interests career orientation personality development creativity activities creativity tests elaboration stage evaluation stage insight six hat technique enrichment of creativity original symplast munch hypothesis pressure flow theory massflow theory activated diffusion theory lateral translocation bidirectional translocation types of translocations direction of pholem transport rate of phloem transport radiotracers path of translocation sieve elements organic solutes translocation phloem transport benedicts test heptoses hexoses pentoses tetroses trioses lactose sucrose maltose maltotriose raffinose oligosaccharides polysaccharides monosaccharides biological functions of carbohydrates chitin pectin cellulose starch carbohydrates biological functions of lipids ergosterol glycogen lipoproteins terpenes steroids waxes glycolipids chemical nature of lipids fats lipids biocatalyst quaternary structure of proteins tertiary structure of proteins secondary structure of proteins nucleoproteins derived proteins conjugated proteins simple proteins classification of proteins chemical properties of proteins induced fit model active site lock and key model coenzymes activators allosteric inhibition non-competative inhibitors reversible inhibition properties of enzymes apoenzyme holoenzyme classes of enzymes classification of enzymes activation energy biocatalysts enzymes transamination reductive amination biosynthesis of amino acids serotinin histidine gaba thyroxine functions of amino acids classification of amino acids chemical proties of proteins physical properties of amino acids building blocks amino acids anatomical studies hostochemical studies applications of microscopy cytofluorometry scanning electron microscopy transmission electron microscopy electron microscope interference microscope polarizing microscope fluorescent microscopy phase constrast microscope compound microscope simple microscope light microscope resolving power mangification properties of light microscopic scale microscopy techology based social work social outreach centre social services skillset research funding agencies research culture business inbucation centre extesion activity innovations research disability policy disable-friendly initiatives enviroment audit green campus initiatives water conservation rainwater harvesting waste management sensorbased engergy conservation energy conservation gender sensitization plan human values councelling gender equity best practices nirf budget allocation resource mobiization audits strategic plan participative managment leadership naac criterion 6 jobwebsites employers criteria future jobs potential jobfields myths of career planning swot analysis essentials of career planning career planning skill set carbon foot print awards ncc nss naac criterion 3 rain water harvesting water audit activity report extension activities genes synthentic biology functional genomics structural genomics proteomics pharmacogenomics genomics morphology binomia nomenclature taxa chemotaxonomy numerical taxonomy cytology embryology species classification how to do best career in plant sciences myths about career careers in plant sciences innovative projects out of box thinking avishkar standardization medicinal drugs quality control medicinal systems pharmacognosy ayurveda teaching-learning process servqual students satisfaction survey nutrient medium plant biotechnology plant tissue culture
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