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Alzheimer's awareness campaign PR & Word of mouth route

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Alzheimer's awareness campaign PR & Word of mouth route

  1. 1. Campaign Ideas By :
  2. 2. Dementia & Alzheimer's are issues which society needs to fight at large with a collective action. The pupil who take care of older ones have to be aware of handling or taking care of such situation. Precursor
  3. 3. Now, getting communities to work & be aware of this requires a very unique approach towards the messaging. So lets START.
  4. 4. We careIs the campaign created towards getting people aware that they need to take n extra effort for their loved ones who are facing dementia or Alzheimer's.all this because they care about their loved ones. All this because as a healthcare brand , we care for them as well.
  5. 5. Route#1
  6. 6. Now REMAINDERS, in the form of written post it notes or sign boards are greatly used to come along in this situation & hence we use the same to remind users the extra effort required by them.
  7. 7. At select Fortis facilities or malls , we have people holding pluck cards with basic directive messaging to finally get them to the campaign messaging.
  8. 8. Turn right Look Up Press button for lift
  9. 9. Route#2
  10. 10. The idea is to make post it notes wall that says " we care " , which each post it notes having more info on the campaign messaging.
  11. 11. All campaigns are based on ground activity which is video-graphed & given media PR to get multiple the word of mouth for the campaign messaging with the end call of action going to a micro-site with further details.
  12. 12. ROI-The idea is to generate word of mouth & leverage the same on social media. -Has enough PR material to attract press. - combination of on ground & web eye balls