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Agile beyond it pmi

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Case studies of agile businesses and the benefits
Agility is a widely used term in IT departments and software circles. However, by looking at agility only as a software delivery method that helps speed up time to market, is an unfortunate restriction and keeps companies from achieving maximum benefits of agility. Agility can help improve our entire business - including HR, Sales, Business, Finance, Services - by understanding and applying its principles across the enterprise. In this talk, Andrea will share case studies from her and her team's experience on applying agility to change programs, innovation, new products and services and HR.
In this talk,
* We will refresh the principles of agility for an enterprise context
* We will share multiple case studies of agile approach beyond software teams
* We will engage the audience via a short game on agile

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Agile beyond it pmi

  1. 1. Lean Startup Metrics a.k.a How to get your business investment ready? CAN WE BE AGILE BEYOND IT? Talk on Enterprise Agility, Oxford PMI Project Management Institute 23rd September, 2015 London Register: pmi.org.uk