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  1. Social Progress Index: States and Districts of India The report represents independent research by Institute for Competitiveness (IFC). IFC would though like to thank Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth for providing financial support towards research on Social Progress.
  2. The Social Progress Index™ asks universally important questions about the success of our societies
  3. India is one of the fastest improvers on Social Progress Index since 2011
  4. IndiaSocial Progress Index: State-level Framework (89 indicators)
  5. STATE/UTs- Social Progress IndexTiers
  6. Social Progress Index vs.GDP perCapita
  7. Performance ofSelected States
  8. IndiaSocial Progress Index: District- Level Framework (49 indicators)
  9. Heterogeneity across Districts : Profile of Maharashtra
  10. Conclusion • The Social Progress Index captures the multi-dimensional concepts underlying social progress from the data available from public sources. • Social Progress Index is an important exercise to help policymakers in identifying and addressing the root causes of low social progress across states and districts in the country. • Social Progress Index provides a benchmark by which states, and districts can compare themselves to each others, and can identify specific areas of current strength or weakness. • Social Progress Index is a means to track progress and evaluate policy and programme effectiveness.