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Think Big, Dream Big

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Think BIG
Think BIG
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Think Big, Dream Big

  1. 1. Think Big Dream Big Bi
  2. 2. A Psychology series AP h l i
  3. 3. How   dreams  comes true?
  4. 4. Welcome Thinker W l Thi k
  5. 5. Welcome Dreamer W l D
  6. 6. You have many outstanding qualities  Y h t t di liti creative ideas, a vivid imagination;  perhaps you even view yourself as a  visionary.  visionary
  7. 7. Yet, at the same time you  Y t t th ti may also feel disappointed ‐ y pp in yourself or in life itself. 
  8. 8. If your creative ideas usually  If ti id ll fizzle out, it may be due to a  , y lack of dedicated work. 
  9. 9. If so, know that not even  If k th t t Albert Einstein could get  g away with that. 
  10. 10. Einstein said,  Ei t i id "It's not that I'm so smart,  , it's just that I stay with  problems longer.” bl l ”
  11. 11. Don't believe that? D 't b li th t?
  12. 12. Thomas Jefferson said,  Th J ff id "I find that the harder I  work, the more luck I seem  to have.” h ”
  13. 13. Dreamers have a tendency  Dreamers have a tendency to indulge in "magical  thinking," believing that one  day great things will  day great things will "magically" happen for  them. 
  14. 14. Living in a world of lovely  Living in a world of lovely fantasies can seem so  desirous, yet it's no fun  when you wind up living in  when you wind up living in your dreams instead of  living out your dreams.
  15. 15. This is no way for a creative  This is no way for a creative person to live. You deserve  better. It's time for you to  create a future that  will  create a future that "will come true". 
  16. 16. Here s what you need to  Here's what you need to keep in mind:‐
  17. 17. Become more active and  Become more active and less passive.  
  18. 18. Be cautious of letting  Be cautious of letting yourself be seduced into an  excess of passive activities.
  19. 19. Rather than spending a great  Rather than spending a great deal of time lounging in bed,  reading the paper, watching TV  di th t hi TV or surfing the Net, experiment  with more physically vigorous  activities.  activities
  20. 20. Nothing succeeds like  Nothing succeeds like success.
  21. 21. Find an activity that you like  Find an activity that you like to do
  22. 22. Take pride in what you do.  Take pride in what you do And enjoy it!
  23. 23. See Newton's first law of  motion: "An object at rest tends to stay  at rest and  an object in motion  tends to stay in motion tends to stay in motion“.
  24. 24. Next time you re simply  Next time you're simply sitting and staring into  space, remind yourself that  you re an object at rest. you're an object at rest
  25. 25. Until you find a way to shift  Until you find a way to shift into motion, you'll tend to  stay at rest.
  26. 26. So discover the motion that  So discover the motion that makes you come alive.
  27. 27. Then get going!  Then get going! Challenge yourself to pay  more attention to details. 
  28. 28. Have you had the  Have you had the experience of learning a  new word and then  suddenly you see that word  suddenly you see that word everywhere?
  29. 29. Clearly, the word has been  Clearly the word has been there all the time. But your  antennae never picked it up.
  30. 30. Since dreamers tend to  Since dreamers tend to focus on the 'whole' and  gloss over the 'details',  challenge yourself to reverse  challenge yourself to reverse that direction. 
  31. 31. Look around you. Look around you
  32. 32. Right now, without getting  Right now without getting up from your seat, notice  something you hadn't  noticed before. noticed before
  33. 33. Look with wide open eyes.  Look with wide‐open eyes Observe either a new object  or observe a new detail  about a familiar object. about a familiar object
  34. 34. This exercise works even  This exercise works even with your own body.
  35. 35. Put your left hand out in  Put your left hand out in front of you.
  36. 36. Pretend you re a  Pretend you're a neurosurgeon specializing in  hands.
  37. 37. What details do you notice  What details do you notice about your own hand that  you hadn't noticed before?
  38. 38. Now put your two hands  Now put your two hands next to each other. Notice at  least 3 differences between  your two hands.   your two hands
  39. 39. Yes, there s always more to  Yes there's always more to observe.
  40. 40. As a dreamer, your strength  As a dreamer your strength is your creativity; your  weakness is your lack of  attention to details. attention to details
  41. 41. Once you begin to notice  Once you begin to notice the details that make up the  whole, they'll be no  stopping you! stopping you!
  42. 42. Transform vague,  Transform vague passive language into  concrete,  active language. active language
  43. 43. Become more attuned to  Become more attuned to the subtle ways in which you  speak evasively or in  generalities
  44. 44. Make it a habit to avoid  Make it a habit to avoid Euphemisms. 
  45. 45. Practice declaring 'what is' as clearly  and straightforwardly as you can.  and straightforwardly as you can.
  46. 46. You may initially feel uncomfortable  speaking in this precise manner.  speaking in this precise manner.
  47. 47. But give it a shot. It becomes more  natural with practice.  natural with practice
  48. 48. Thank you,  www.amirsaiftaz.blogspot.com amirsaiftaz@gmail.com