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Amena capital is a boutique investment manager

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AMENA Capital has a policy of donating a portion of profits to supporting charitable and humanitarian projects in addition to supporting missionaries and organizations worldwide to ease the suffering of the poor and needy. http://goo.gl/yGH5ND

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Amena capital is a boutique investment manager

  1. 1. Amena Capital is a boutique Investment Manager providing advice and facilitation for: 1. Capital Raising 2. Investment Management 3. Corporate Advisory 4. Migration investment Services. Investment Manager
  2. 2. Through our established partners, associates and networks, Amena Capital provides facilitation of various financing solutions such as debt, equity, hybrids, venture capital or angel investment. Amena Capital also assists you with structuring, negotiation and modelling of financing for start-up, acquisition, expansion and capital restructuring. Amena Capital also provides investment management services for the establishment of Managed Investment Schemes (MIS) for the purposes of raising capital to invest into projects. Capital Raising
  3. 3. Amena Capital provides specialised investment management services, focusing on advising and discretionary management for Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. Amena Capital has established strong alliances with high performing fund managers, utilising top tier financial and legal services providers to provide investors with a wide range of investment options across several asset classes. Investment Management
  4. 4. Amena Capital has established alliances to provide complying migration investment products for those wanting to invest into Australia or New Zealand. Amena Capital assists not only with the investment products but Amena Capital also provides a ‘local partner’ service to those that would like assistance in navigating and settling into a new environment to become your advisor and partner on the ground. Migration Investment
  5. 5. For more update click here… http://amenacapital22.blogspot.com.au/ Thank You