anatomy alhumidi ameera muscles aortic valve mitral valve posterior group of thigh anterior group of thigh leg thigh axillary artery fibula tibia femur radio-femoral delay aortic pda mi asd vsd clinical deep cardiac plexus superficial cardiac plexus left lymphatic trunk right lymphatic trunk coronary sinus coronary cardiac countours disadvantages advantages mri thorax ct thorax chest xray echocardiogram radiological pulmonary valve tricuspid valve left atrium right atrium left ventricle right ventricle septum valves chambers topography pericardium heart inferior mediastinum middle mediastinum superior medistinum mediastinum laryngeopharynx oropharynx nasopharynx bronchopulmonary system nasal cavity nose paranasal sinuses pharynx larynx bronchi lung trachea lower tract upper tract respiratory action of muscles innervation deep group superficial group medial group of thigh quadriceps femoris interaction insertion origin nerve supply ammera knee hallux metatarsals tarslas cuniforms cuboid talus calcaneus foot lower limb osteology five sacral five lumbar seven cervical kyphosis sciliosis pedicle laminae transverse process spinous process vertebrae coccyx sacral vertebrae lumbar vertebrae thoracic vertebrae cervical vertebrae al-humidi back blood suplly of breast lymphatics of breast age differences breast male and female breast fatty tissue of breast areola nipple axillary tail internal thoracic artrey intercostal arteries supllying lateral quadrant of breast medial quadrant of braest lower quasrant of braest upper quadrant of braest breast brachial plexus divisions ending beginning third part second part first part axillary lymphnodes lateral wall of axilla mrdial wall of axilla posterior wall of axilla anterior wall oa axilla axilla borders axilla contents axilla walls axilla structures peircing fascia clavipectoral fascia subclavius pectoralis minor pectoralis major pectoral region patella ulna radius skull synovial joints cartilagenous joints fiberous joints irregular bones flat bones short bones long bones bones joints skeleton muscloskeletal
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