AMEE at eTech

16 de Mar de 2009

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AMEE at eTech

  1. 2.5kg of product* 460kg of CO2e *landfill
  2. 460kg CO2e 2.5kg
  3. Gavin Starks CEO, AMEE @agentGav @ameeHQ
  4. YOUR ENERGY IDENTITY (and why you should care)
  5. Climate Change, Globalization and War. Mapping International Policy and Markets. Data. All the data. Emerging ecosystems. Privacy. Collaboration & change.
  6. #todo list Give everything an energy identity Build “smart-grid” behaviour into everything Measure and map all of it Lobby for, or create, open standards Sort out data ownership before-the-fact
  7. Peak oil Peak finance Peak water Peak uranium Peak copper
  8. Peak <resource> => Peak consumption
  9. “the median surface warming in 2091 to 2100 is 5.1°C compared to 2.4°C in the 2003 study” MIT source:
  11. EFFICIENCY + TECHNOLOGY Rapid innovation in energy efficiency technologies has created a consumerist, low-carbon world. Society balances delicately with ever-increasing reliance on new technology to mitigate continuing climate change.
  12. SERVICE TRANSFORMATION High carbon prices mean businesses sell services rather than products. Car ownership is prohibitive but public transport is highly efficient. A 'share with your neighbour' ethos exists and global carbon emissions decline for the first year in history
  13. REDEFINE PROGRESS People rethink what a fulfilling life means. Meaningful jobs are valued and stronger links with local communities are cultivated. People are attracted to simplicity and focus much more on quality of life than economic prosperity.
  14. ENVIRONMENTAL WAR ECONOMY Governments leave it too late and are forced to rationalise whole sectors and take control of citizens' lives. Environmental refugees must find countries willing to accommodate them. GHGs begin to decline, but at great cost to civil liberty.
  15. PROTECTIONIST WORLD The world is divided into protectionist blocs. Countries wage war over scarce resources such as water. Communities are divided and terrorists take advantage of the flux, targeting collapsed states.
  16. “the cull during this century is going to be huge, up to 90%. The number of people remaining at the end of the century will probably be a billion or less.” source: Lovelock
  17. “If we burn all the coal, we might kick in a runaway greenhouse effect ... if we burn all the tar shale and tar sands we definitely will ... leading to the Venus Syndrome. Caps aren’t going to work – we need a Carbon tax” source: Hansen, Nasa
  18. Are we finally moving to a post-capitalist society? Is “triple-bottom-line” actually possible?
  19. “capitalism is not up to the challenge ... it improperly and systemically undervalues the future ... it has become a kind of multi-generational Ponzi scheme ... we need a Carbon tax” source: McKinsey
  21. “Carbon will be part of the US budget by 2011” Source: The White House
  22. $15bn per annum 5m green-collar jobs Federal Cap & Trade
  23. Policy Business Science Technology
  24. Data. All the data. policy legislation frameworks exchanges trade business
  26. EU POLICY STACK Kyoto Protocol EU ETS Climate Change Bill = 30min monitoring Carbon Reduction Commitment = mandatory purchases (>6GWh or >£500k/yr) Energy Efficiency Renewable Obligations
  27. We are moving to an economic age where we need to start obeying the first law of thermodynamics* quot;Energy can be transformed (changed from one form to another), but it can neither be created nor destroyed.quot;
  28. 20 largest cities use 75% of world's energy 500m+ people will migrate to cities in <5yr Future = many, smaller cities “Countries as cities”?
  29. There is no time left for closed systems i/o models of everything Democratization of energy
  30. Data. All the data. citizens + things private sector public sector cities countries Earth
  31. Data. All the data. purchases materials buildings travel + transport fuel + water + waste Energy Identity
  32. Energy Identity The digital embodiment of your physical consumption
  33. Your Energy Identity should be more valuable than your Digital Identity So how should we protect it?
  34. Everyone else assumes they own your data (e.g. utilities, suppliers, banks, retailers, etc.) START HERE ARRIVE HERE You own your data and you share/license it with those who need it.
  35. quot;collaboration networks are to businesses what social networks are to consumersquot; @Padmasree, CTO, Cisco
  36. EMERGING ECOSYSTEMS “unifying monitoring, measuring, and managing rural environments, rural to urban interconnects, and urban environments” = + “95% of people are interested in receiving detailed information on their energy use” quot;If Edison would wake up today and look at the grid he'd say 'that's where I left itquot; “Data on your personal energy use belongs to you ... in a standard, non-proprietary format” Tim Berners-Lee on “unlock all your raw data” Tim O'Reilly on “instrumenting the world”
  37. Standards-Public Carbon/Energy Consultancies Buildings Special Projects EQ2 DECC (UK Government) NaturalLogic CarbonVision Standards-Commercial/Registries Travel & Transportation CO2code CarbonVoyage Specia lProjects Software/SaaS & Dopplr Systems Integrators Media Carbonetworks The Guardian Data Store Carbonmetrics Supply Chain Carbon Hub SUN (OpenEco) Communities dcarbon8 MakeMeSustainable Julies Bicycle 2Degrees LivingLifeGreen The Climate Group Special Projects Smart Meters Agencies Carbonmetrics Torchbox ISE Jelerang Avvio Trading Clearleft EuroRSCG Misys (OpenCarbonWorld) EarthCP Sandbag
  38. Policy Business Science Technology *realtime
  39. Our current horizons do not mitigate risk
  40. We need to bend the space-time of policy and commerce
  41. #todo list Give everything an energy identity Build “smart-grid” behaviour into everything Measure and map all of it Lobby for, or create, open standards Sort out data ownership before-the-fact
  42. Gavin Starks CEO, AMEE @agentGav @ameeHQ