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Digital Insight

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This is a synopsis of a Digital Insight talk that I delivered in February 2017 to an invited audience in Crawley and Chelmsford. It was intended to focus these small businesses as to what Digital is about and why their business should consider the opportunities available to them in embracing the digital change.

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Digital Insight

  1. 1. Digital Insight by Alistair Gleave - February 2017
  2. 2. Plan for this morning is to guide you through how the digital landscape has changed and how your business can meet this challenge!
  3. 3. How things have changed • Digital Technologies • Peer to peer marketing • Massive increase in online information and engagement through social media
  4. 4. Digital Technologies These have transformed how we live and work, e.g. On demand TV (Tivo), Sky + Amazon Prime, Mobile streaming, tablets etc
  5. 5. Peer to peer marketing Digital has empowered the consumer to consumer relationship
  6. 6. Characteristics of a P2P organisation  Social Media throughout organisation  People love what you do and hear about you from lots of different sources  Doesn’t block Social Media  Understands ‘pull/inbound’ concepts  Staff love their jobs and are given authority to ‘amaze’
  7. 7. What is Social Media  Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. - wikipedia.org
  8. 8. What is Social Media? A shift in the new media landscape A new digital currency A new way to talk and interact with customers – President Trump!!
  9. 9. Current Statistics  Over 50% of people in the US have at least 1 social media account  Social media makes up over 17% of all online usage  Overtaken email as #1 activity on the web  93% of Americans believe companies should have a social media presence  85% believe those companies should be interacting with customers
  10. 10. How is Social Media Used?  Customer Service  Product/Service Feedback  Networking and Job Searching  Lead Generation/Sales  Promotions  News  Internal communication
  11. 11. Only 14% of customers trust adverts More than 78% of customers trust peer recomendations Why use Social Media?
  12. 12. Social Media benefits Great for PR Build Rapport Build you business network Continuous marketing presence Selective marketing Cost effective Demonstrate expertise Show real recommendations Customer research Online Presence Improve sales conversion
  13. 13. Why do I want to use Social Media? • Attract more leads • Raise your business profile • Build and online community • Increase leads • Share information • Sell? • Build newsletter list • Demonstrate who you are
  14. 14. Social Media Marketing Strategy • Objective – Why do we want to use Social Media • Connect – Who do you want to attract? • Where which networks are right for us? • Update which information do they need? • Engage – How often to engage / comment / respond? • Strategy – Amount of time to spend and how often?
  15. 15. Why do people buy from you? They KNOW you They LIKE you They TRUST you
  16. 16. Who is my customer? Who Name, Industry, Role, Age Gender, Interest Education What What are their needs? What keeps this person awake? What stops the business growing, What wastes their time? What information do they need? Where – who do they like/follow? Where are they based? Where do they look for a solution? What do they already know? Who influences them?
  17. 17. Who do they like? The people and organisations that you follow are the ones you need to get noticed by. If they share your content – your audience will see it.
  18. 18. So which networks are right for you? LinkedIn 59% male – 35-54 – B2B Twitter 52% male – 26-34 – Both Facebook 58% male – 20-29 – B2C YouTube 58% male – 18-34 – Both
  19. 19. Who to follow? The people and organisations that you follow are the ones you need to get noticed by – so not Black Sabbath! If they share your content – your audience will see it.
  20. 20. Twitter – what to do…  Structure with KEY MESSAGE – LINK - # - AND THEN  DO NOT be self promotional – mix it up  Establish yourself as a thought leader  Keep them short (100chrs) so people can add when they RT  Curate content that is valuable and share  Share images to increase engagement (GOOD 1’s)  Its ok to share dull stuff – 80/20 rule  No one has to share - manners
  21. 21. Twitter - tips  Twitter likes and RT’s  Twitter list  Time of tweets, when is your audience listening?  Engage with followers no matter who they are  Use Twitter search to find…. Location, subject #, url  Use third party tools – buffer, twit pic, sprout social
  22. 22. facebook - tips  Images posted by Instagram have 23% better engagement  Posts with # receive LESS engagement than those without  Adverts do you use them  Facebook business account – pixels??  6 degrees of separation shrinking – now 4.2  Very nearly half of the audience is mobile - PLAN  Use third party tools – buffer, sprout social
  23. 23. Summary Development of Social Media is joining with SEO – key is finding balance. Trends for 2017 show the key elements of integration and balance. Means you needs great content and continued brand building on line Don’t forget email marketing, buying adverts, PPC etc – still play a strong part for your audience.
  24. 24. Tips for 2017 Content is KING and must be laser focussed on your audience Optimise your website for mobile Don’t forget the basics i.e SEO, Local Business
  25. 25. Thank you Website: GleaveMedia.co.uk Facebook: facebook.com/GleaveMedia Twitter: @GleaveMedia LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/company/GleaveMedia