neshep hse emss toolbox talk nshep safety alert emss competency management system ppe north east she partnership national she partnership line of fire pinch points nhs slips toolbox talks falls from height safety moment trips & falls hand injuries housekeeping temporary works bcsa nitrogen suffocation guidance working at height sembcorp tsg hse neshep asbestos iosh best practice drink driving ring avulsion lifting and rigging operations powra crane outriggers slips & trips broken leg tool box talk oxygen dangers oxygen enrichment falling tools process safety corefly fabricom fork lift trucks plant operator safety excavator first aid regulations work at height lone working eye protection meeting summary crushing injury main meeting risk assessments winter driving confined spaces toolkit sguk bsc wwt mens health fatality national safety passport safe use of telehandlers meeting review lucion competence british safety council health and safety mewps safety passport fall from height learning and sharing environment noise and vibration significant incident pre-start checks deployment of outriggers crane overturned regular inspections silo explosion crushed by moving plant fatal crushing injuries emissions dust and air quality injury to worker pipework alignment incident laceration pressure & stress stress and resilience good practice guidance lifting operations cranes 12 tips to a safer christmas drugs affect your driving alcohol - when are you safe? illegal drugs drugs & alcohol ring finger injuries jewellery winter working serious facial injury abbrasive wheels safety alert angle grinder grinding activity line of fire injuries angle grinders abrasive wheels fell through opening scaffolding erected in a tank worker and forklift fell through opening forktruck oxy gas equipment check set up of oxy-gas equipment regulators oxy-fuel equipment flashback arrestors european standard en559 hose check valves cylinders hoses british standard bs5120 torches safety advice sunscreen and sun safety advice sunburn prevent hearing loss sound levels hearing protection the human ear noise and the ear tinnitus toolbx talk wellbeing toolbox talk stroke risks of a stroke eyes on path personal protective equipment protect from injury accident and incident reporting near misses accident recording as well as suitable light eye protection. when carrying out any grinding / cutting activitie eye protection – grinding health & wellbeing rhinitis food allergies asthma anaphylaxis treatment allergies coshh chemicals and hazardous substances stepladders steps lifting equipment broken bones safety bulletin identify the hazards mental risk assessment point of work risk assessments task assessment check for pedestrians conduct a 360° park slowly and safely reverse parking protect your hands hand tools improper use of hand tools correct tools for task controlling risks clamp failure breaking containment step change pressure release valve actuator tipped onto contractor multiple fractures injuries from large falling objects unsecured objects health & safety offences fines and punishments new sentencing guidelines materials cut and dropped dropped objects materials knocked over edges accident prevention common sense surveying photography inpection peak image drone technology video spacial awareness fatality lifting operation worker killed by crane crane tyre pressure vehicle safety fuel efficiency uk petroleum industry association learning from capeco multiple tank fires petroleum terminal tank explosion hydrostatic test test plug failure serious incident pressure testing slip and trips snow falls toolbox tlk clearing snow condition of employment safe behaviour secondary guarding raise operator alertness sky siren improve safety stair code good practice accident stats stair incidents help suicide support death crushing/trapping injuries construction plant hire association strategic forum for construction safety group best practice guide crushed worker mewp injury broken ribs awp punctured lung gas safe registered explosions carbon monoxide poisoning gas leaks appliance checks gas safety checks fires gas safety week defective apparatus failure to maintain portable electrical equipment dangers serious electrical accidents leaking joints bolt tensioning joint tightening torque settings bolting procedures ground depression reinstated trench serious dog attack alsation attacks delivery driver delivery driver haki staircase fractured stair sections health & safety alert gases dust breathing respiratory protection enclosed vehicle law is changing smoking in private vehicles offence tobacco new rules e-cigarettes pollution environmental hard hats serious injury permit to work heat stress; hse; neshep; emss; heat cramps; heat tile manual handling head and back injuries scaffolder neshep hse warning signs; barriers; hse; neshep; emss; toolbo operator rescued mewp basket controls failure dropped tools; falling tools; falling objects; hse spacial awareness; tool box talk; hse; hand care; line of fire; hand injuries; neshep; hs texas city disaster; organisational failures texas city disaster; 15 fatalities; neshep; hse; c posturite hse information links incorrect use of standby personnel lack of training standby person observer comah; major accident prevention; regulation of co nesh arthritis health and wellbeing operator struck on head by hammer unsecured tools dementia; caring for family; support for carers in design considerations inspections inspection routines sulphuric acid leak pipework corrosion nitrogen leak within habitat enclosure total refining & chemicals cryogenic nitrogen storage liquid nitrogen release suffocation hse alert corporate manslaughter; neshep portable grinders; 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