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Flat Design for FredDev

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Flat design presentation for freddev

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Flat Design for FredDev

  1. 1. What is flat design?
  2. 2. flat design why now? the design aesthetic of using minimal elements while having a calculated, clean and crisp look that better displays content. design is ever changing especially with technology. with new UI/UX interfaces for mobile, flat design is easier to load on mobile devices.
  3. 3. characteristics Minimalism Keeping the information and aesthetic to a point where the design just inolves simple shapes, color and typography. This gives devices more room for better displays. Typography Using clean, sans-serif typography, emphasizes the simplisitic look of ‘flat design.’ It helps legibility of the content in comparison to Skeuomorphism Shapes Using shapes with no “real world’ feel to it keeps the “flat” aesthetic. Having no shading or textures is a key part of flat design. type.
  4. 4. influences Swiss Design In Swiss design there are several simliarities it has that were appropriated including typographic grids, simplicity, and clean geometric shapes Windows With the Zune design of simple shapes and large clean sans-serif typography. With the WIndows 8 design, the “flat design” movement had new life. LayerVault Allan Grinshtein, the CEO of LayerVault, was the designer who coined the term “flat design.” His company and design aesthetic started the movement. influences
  5. 5. color palette
  6. 6. typography Helvetica Neue Light Helvetica Neue Ultra Light Open Sans Light Proxima Nova Bold Proxima Nova Light
  7. 7. skeuomorphism why now? the design asthetic of bringing real world qualities into digital technology. i.e. textures such as wood, fabric, and other real world looks. the movement of art is mimicking design. visual design is constantly evolving as did fine art with realism to minimalism.
  8. 8. examples
  9. 9. comparison iOS 6 iOS 7
  10. 10. good or bad design? Increased legibility less clutter more space for new data new forms of links/buttons content driven quick solution means to an end loss of reality new trend
  11. 11. examples of flat design
  12. 12. the ecology center
  13. 13. triplagent
  14. 14. foundation.zurb
  15. 15. open discussion & questions