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Crosscode Technologies Private Limited - Company profile

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CROSSCODE Technologies is a telecom software and solutions company specializing in customer lifecycle management (CLM), call center and CTI technologies. With a core team consisting of professionals from the industry with a considerable amount of experience and expertise in various types of contact center implementations ranging from multi-location global BPOs running 1000+ seats to enterprise level customer care centers with complex back end integrations to enterprise wide ERP platforms like SAP, Siebel, SalesForce, Talisma or custom built solutions or with existing legacy PBX platforms like Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Nortel or any other make.

CROSSCODE is catering to a diverse set of clients who are being serviced under long term managed service or annualized service agreements for 1 – 3 years. The domains that we cater to are, diverse, ranging from automobile dealers to healthcare majors, from BPO service providers to pharmaceutical service providers, from manufacturers to public utility corporations.

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Crosscode Technologies Private Limited - Company profile

  1. 1. intro products services trivia contact
  2. 2. Introduction – team evolution intro products services trivia contact
  3. 3. intro Introduction – industry sectors catered to BPO Retail Crosscode Telco Healthcare contact Utilities trivia OEM BFSI products services IT SI
  4. 4. intro Introduction – key clients products services trivia contact Copyright of all logos & trademarks depicted above are acknowledged
  5. 5. intro Introduction – expertise areas Capabilities CTI • Interface adapters between disparate proprietary platforms like Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Nortel, etc. • Intelligent IVRS based applications like conference bridges, call routers, emergency response systems, validating systems across any underlying telephony platform. • Reporting engines for above mentioned platforms • Voice logging & QA solutions for the platform • Agent desktop and CTI pop-up applications for platforms like Genesys, Aspect, Avaya, Cisco. Asterisk • Installation, implementation and configuration with all possible telephony trunks – PRI, SIP, H.323, SS#7, STM & GSM. • Dial-plan configuring and scripting. • Complete Asterisk support and associated services. • Complete Asterisk training. • Integration with speech engines like Nuance for speech enabled IVR systems. • Integration of video capabilities into Asterisk for IV&VR Systems. contact Database • Performance tuning, query optimization and designing complex high performance database and queries. • Support and services on MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle. • Database design consultation. trivia Application development • Custom built enterprise wide applications built on the CommTRACK platform. • Call center process based applications which can be integrated with CommTEL platform for seamless call + data integration. • Stand alone Java / VC++ / C / C++ applications. • Web service (SOAP) based applications using AJAX, JS, PHP. • Application design consultation. products services Domain
  6. 6. intro Introduction – expertise areas Capabilities Domain Develop applications and IVRS using Nuance Recognizer 9.0 & 10.0 as the ASR. Develop application using Nuance TTS. Develop associated grammar for speech enabled applications. Use Sphinx for building less complex ASR based applications. Design and develop VXML 2.0 based applications for dynamic IVR flows. VAS • Telco grade automated outbound dialer (OBD) or call blaster implementations . • Multi-cast video conference based VAS for mobile phones or PCs. • Designing, developing and deploying SDP applications for voice or text services. Mobile applications • J2ME applications for CommTRACK based enterprise applications ideal for field based data capture / display. • Video conference client for iOS based devices – iPhone, iPad. products services Speech technologies • • • • • trivia contact
  7. 7. intro Introduction – USPs Key factors endearing us to our clients – o An end-to-end call center platform encompassing PBX to voice logger to agent desktop to softphones. o Intelligent self-service enabled IVR systems which are capable of both Speech and DTMF inputs. o Intelligent business process applications like CRMs, ticketing platforms, call trackers and other custom built enterprise applications. o Critical CTI layer applications like cross-platform adapters / connectors for disparate legacy PBX and application (CRM/ERP/Speech) platforms. o Automated outbound dialing and SMS service to customers. • Vast experience & high expertise levels in application / product development in telecom, contact centre domain. trivia • Approach and focus is always to understand and resolve the pain areas of the client, hence our solutions and implementations are always economical, efficient and most importantly, very effective. products services • Single vendor and single point of contact and responsibility for all services related to addressing your customer call handling & communication needs through – • We are driven by a sense of ownership towards our clients. contact
  8. 8. Process •Phone banking •Phone / IVR based payment •Speech based IVR call flows •Promo campaigns / OBDs •Data collection & playback •Ombudsman services •Conversation evidence… •Customer grievance •Rural grievance •Internal inventory / requisition •Product replacement & refunds •Product enquiry to selling •Service request tracking •Facility request & service… Purpose •Complete call center platform •CTI Layer with 3rd party PBXs •Reporting engine with 3rd party PBXs •Agent desktop applications •Cross-platform adapters •Independent IP PBX •Office PBX with extensions •Stand-alone IVRS •Voice logging applications •Conference bridges •Emergency response systems •Incident tracking platform •Customer Lifecycle Management •Customer services management •Ticketing platform •Complaint management platform •Response management products services •Tele-marketing •Phone based surveys •Customer care center •Payment collections •Local search engine integrations •Desktop / PC support •Movie DVD rentals… trivia contact Platform intro Product Line – ecosystem snapshot
  9. 9. products intro Product Line – unique Cross-X implementations Application Description This is an IVRS based employee emergency response service, where employees can call in to get intimated about urgent messages or happenings. This is an agent-less operation. Admins can call in and record emergency messages over a phone call also. Calls landing on a toll-free number from across the country from various retailers / outlets are automatically redirected to their respective services centers, there is no manual intervention. Multi-party Conference Bridge Services All India based employees dial into a conference bridge which is hosted in Bangalore, provide their conference IDs and PINs and are automatically directed and connected to their designated conference rooms. The other leg of the conference bridge is connected to a similar system hosted in the US headoffice. Scheduled Call Connect Services Patients trying to talk to a doctor or consultant can get their calls scheduled as per the availability of the doctors. Once a call is scheduled, the platform automatically dials the doctor at the scheduled time, dials the patient, when both calls are connected, they are patched so that both can talk to each other. Call Patching Services Call Blasting Services This can be used for one – to – n party conference, where one user dials into a particular number and this in turn initiates simultaneous calls to a list of pre-defined numbers. As the called parties get connected they become participants in the conference. In this system only 1 user (the leader) can talk and rest participants can only listen. If they want to talk, their message will be taken as a recording. contact Conference Blasting Services This is a unique call patching system where a caller can get connected to a called party without knowing the called party’s number. They can give a Profile ID or Employee ID. This helps in protecting each party’s private details but at the same time allowing them to talk to each other. This is used to do call blasting campaigns, where a huge number of contacts are dialed simultaneously and when they are connected a pre-recorded message is played to them. The users can also punch in some feedback on the message. trivia Call Routing Services services Emergency Response Services
  10. 10. products intro Product Line – CommTEL highlights Built-in QA tool for voice recording, playback and download Highly available system, with in-built fail-over mechanism. Real-time dashboard for channel status, trunk availability, agent activity, queue status, campaign penetration Supports predictive / preview / auto-preview (OBD) / manual dialing modes / blaster Exhaustive & customizable set of reports on agent performance, lead penetration, dialer performance. Supervisor can barge-in, coach, monitor, change agent ready / not ready, etc non-intrusively and on-demand. Intelligent and configurable call back feature & queue management for inbound operations Can integrate with any Web-based or applet based CRM or Oracle Forms application Customizable MOH Supports operator trunks for both ISDN PRI (E1/T1) circuits as well as SIP trunks IVRS with ACD capabilities defined as per business requirements. CallDesk Agent Desktop comes with “WYSIWYG” userfriendliness & inbuilt softphone Can integrate with any legacy PBX or channel bank to connect analog extensions contact Intelligent & highly configurable campaign, DNC, churn, retry management tools trivia Highly scalable architecture and resource efficient services Supports In-bound, Out-bound & blended operations.
  11. 11. products intro Product Line – CommTRACK highlights Seamlessly coupled with Crosscode’s CommTEL Call Center Platform Easy to integrate with SMS gateways or alternatively can use GSM modems for SMS User interfaces have been designed with the logical flow of ticket in mind, thus leading to easier training & quicker adoption by users Platform comes with a robust & intelligent rule & escalation engine that can be configured easily using a intuitive UI Admin interfaces are comprehensive & ‘to-the-point’. Focus has been to make the tools & dashboards accessible with fewest clicks Propagation of tickets to “owners” is single-step & linear, leading to faster resolutions Real time alerter service is part of the platform which can be used to broadcast critical messages across all users Can be used in different avatars – call based, counter based, kiosk based, Web based Standard and customizable reports are available Easy to integrate with enterprise applications like SAP, Siebel, Salesforce, etc 24x7 support desk by CommTRACK’s developer team, hence support is fast & effective, without any loops or dependencies Easy to integrate with enterprise telephony platforms like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, etc A commercial model that can scale with growth in requirement, thereby mitigating risk contact CommTRACK is High-Availability ready with built-in failover mechanisms trivia Scalable & modular architecture allows for rapid ramp-up & plug-n-play of features services Micro-level configurability allows an exact fit to your requirements from the platform
  12. 12. products intro Services – compilation Hosted IVRS Hosted Applications •No infrastructure hassles at your end •You define the requirement, we design the call flow •Consultation on customer experience •Prompt recording •Secure & reliable hosting of CommTRACK applications •Complete ownership of application uptime •Single point of contact for telco, ISP & application •No IT team or IT Infrastructure required at your end Payment IVR •PCI DSS compliant •Complete service from PG to IVR. We can integrate with any PG from your bank •Process based customisations can be done •Flexible pricing models contact Speech Services •Speech applications integrated with Asterisk •Stand-alone speech applications – key word spotters, confidence scores •Grammar development & fine tuning ASR applications •Building TTS enabled IVR or applications trivia CTI Applications •Cross platform adapters for OEMs like Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Genesys, etc •Reporting engines, voice loggers, IVR applications for varied platforms •CTI popup applications, CTI toolbar integrated with enterprise CRM •Single window CTI + CRM applications services Custom Software •Custom built applications developed for any business process •Consultation on application design, user experience & scope •Technologies – Java, .NET, Web services based applications or portals •Conversion of legacy (VB, QT, Foxpro) applications into SOAP based applications.
  13. 13. services products intro Trivia – been there, done that • Hospital emergency and patient contact centers powered & serviced by our solutions • Call center + IVR platform powering veterinary helpline for Govt. of Karnataka touching 4000 department hospitals/centers, 1900 doctors, 2200 para-vet staff covering 38 lakh households. • e-Governance initiatives of the Govt. of Karnataka are powered on our call center platform • Hosted IVRS used by leading vehicle manufacturer to receive, record & track customer / vendor complaints • Speech based applications for VAS, Govt. agencies. Implemented speech based VAS IVR for a leading mobile operator. Implemented 1500 port outbound IVR (OBD) for mobile operator. • Bouquet of hosted IVRS based solutions used as emergency response systems, conference bridges, auto call routers for leading MNCs from the field of software, lens manufacturer, chip/processor OEM • Hit 70,000 calls per day in predictive dialing mode for domestic BPO operations trivia • Domestic & global BPOs serviced by our niche CTI solutions • Leading Indian bank using custom built SS#7 based application for their customer care operations contact • Unique incident tracking platform that is powering complete customer lifecycle management for automobile dealerships, service request tracking for leading optical equipment OEM, heavy electricals OEM
  14. 14. trivia services products intro Contact us Crosscode Technologies Private Limited, No. 478, 2nd Floor, 1st Main Road, Anand Nagar, Bangalore - 560024, India. Sales / Enquiry – enquiry@crosscode.in Helpdesk – helpdesk@crosscode.in Landline - +91.80.3082.5300 Cell - +91.99169.65415 contact