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Mobile VAS market in Vietnam

Mobile VAS market in Vietnam, some statistics, trends and suggestion for investors, start-up and developer

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Mobile VAS market in Vietnam

  1. 1. Mobile VAS market in Vietnam Presented by: GaCon
  2. 2. Contents1. About me2. MVAS market in Vietnam3. Opportunities and Threats4. Market trends5. Some Suggestions6. Q&A
  3. 3. My Profile • Full name: Nguyen Minh Quang • Nickname: GaCon, Yukidaro • Job title: Business Development Manager • Company: Galaxy Mobile JSC• My Schools:- Ha Noi Foreign Trade University (BBA)- Ha Noi School of Business (MBA)• My jobs:- Business Development Manager- Online – Mobile Product Manager- SMS Content Developer
  4. 4. My company• Member of Galaxy Group• Founded in 2007• MVAS content provider for Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone• Top 10 in MVAS market• Key Services: SMS, WAP, Web, Music
  5. 5. MVAS Market in Vietnam
  6. 6. Number of Telcos: 7 Telcos NumberViettel 098, 097, 0165, 0166, 0167, 0168, 0169 + 0164Mobifone 090, 093, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 + 0120Vinaphone 091, 094, 0123, 0125, 0127 ,0129 + 0124Sfone (CDMA) 095 + 0155Vietnamobile 092 + 0188Beeline 0199 + 099EVN Telecom (CDMA) 096
  7. 7. Number of mobile subscribers• Total number issued: 170 Millions• Number of mobile subscribers (04/2011 - GSO): 157 Millions• Actual live (within 30 days): 45% (60-70 Millions)(source: gso.gov.vn)
  8. 8. Actual Live Mobile subscribers by Telcos Telcos Subscriber (estimated)Viettel 20 - 25 MillionsMobifone 18 - 20 MillionsVinaphone 15 -18 MillionsVietnamobile 2 - 4 MillionsSfone (CDMA) 2 MillionsBeeline >1 MillionsEVN Telecom (CDMA) < 1Millions(source: seft survey)
  9. 9. 3G penetrationActual live 3G penetration: 5 – 8% according to recent surveys
  10. 10. Number of mobile users:• Total number of mobile users: about 30-35 Millions• ~ 40% of population (90 Millions)• 2012: 50 Millions (forecast)(source: several different sources)
  11. 11. Number of mobile handsets (source: Thegioididong)Number of mobile handsets in use: 34,5 Millions (10/2010)(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_mobile_phones_in_use)
  12. 12. Number of CPs (Content Providers) • Officially: ~250 • Unofficially: ? • Most of them are SMEs • Top CPs: - VMG - BlueSea - VTC - VASC - Galaxy - VCC - VDC - ABC - iNET - GapIT - Tinh Van
  13. 13. Mobile VAS market size (CPs only)Current Mobile VAS market size: 4,500 Billions(source: seft survey)
  14. 14. SMS Service category• Lottery (result, prediction)• Multi Media (ring tone, wallpaper, theme,…)• Football (info, result, tip)• SMS Feeding (online services)• GPRS/3G setting
  15. 15. SMS Service category (cont.)• Text Info (SMS banking, sex-health, funny, stock, horoscope, tips,…)• Networking (chat, dating, voting,…)• Text Game (lucky draw, quiz, reverse auction,…)• Others (donation, error,…)
  16. 16. Revenue Contribution by SMS services
  17. 17. Commercial Terms• SMS services (MO charging)• SMS sub charging (MT charging): Telco 55% - CP 45%• WAP charging: same ratio with SMS MO charging• Ring back tone: Tecos get 70%, CPs get maximum 30% (50% of this will pay for singers and authors)• Mobile marketing: Telcos treat CPs = Agencies
  18. 18. Marketing channels• Newspaper• TV• Online• WAP Portal• In-App• App Portal/Store• Direct marketing: Spam SMS• Others: Leaflet, poster,…
  19. 19. Business Models• Public media• Spamming• Supportive• Content producer• Content Hub• Money laundering
  20. 20. Opportunities and Threats
  21. 21. Opportunities• Fast growing Economic and Telecom sector• Huge mobile user base (young and active)• More “open” to: Mobile game, social network, mobile marketing,...• 3G is opening new era of Mobile Internet• Telcos are willing to cooperate with CPs• Convenient Payment: Online – Mobile
  22. 22. Threats• Impact of globalization: High• Inflation, interest rate• CPs businesses are depending on Telcos (unequal treating and uncertain policy)• Highly competitive market• Telcos are jumping into this sector under VAS Centers• Regulation violation and problem of TRUST• Rapid change in technology and user behaviors• Labor: Limited (often jump between CPs), few talents, medium-high labor cost
  23. 23. Market trends
  24. 24. Market trends• SMS services are still main source of revenue within next 3 years• Next 3 years will be the age of Mobile Web and Mobile Application• Mobile contents: Go Online, Go social and Personalize• Interactive between 3 screens: TV – Desktop - Mobile• Huge opportunities on Mobile marketing and B2B services
  25. 25. Market trends (cont.)• Socialize in mobile content supplying• Reduce number of CPs, increase MnA and number of sub-CPs• Telcos will lose their control on VAS when smart phones and mobile internet penetration increase• Bypass telcos when apply online payment
  26. 26. Some suggestions
  27. 27. Some suggestions• How to start?- For start-ups- For developers• Where to focus?- SMS: Actual needs in large scale, interactive- B2B market and mobile marketing- Mobile internet contents (Web and Application)- Online – Mobile communities
  28. 28. Some suggestions (cont.)• What to remember?- Strategic building your system- Listen to your users- Relationship is important- Keep up your innovation- Try to create a better service. But don’t you take too much time to develop a perfect one- Let your users do your marketing work
  29. 29. Thank you for listening! Nguyen Minh Quang quangcb@gmail.com 0904862366 Kid_quai /gacon @Yukidaro /nguyenminhquang
  30. 30. QnA