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Global Standard for Food Safety to Constantly Produce Safe and Quality Products

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If you also belong to the industry you can go with this training program and to be aware of both the technical and working knowledge of quality systems. Especially if you are dealing with specification, auditing, or implementation of the BRC standards then Process Management Consulting might be the only option for you. Read more info here...https://bit.ly/2s3GqIy

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Global Standard for Food Safety to Constantly Produce Safe and Quality Products

  1. 1. Constantly Produce The Global Standard Audit Service For Food Safety
  2. 2. Process Management Consulting in this respect has come forward to help a number of retailers, food processors, distributors, etc., in understanding the Global Standard for Food Safety and keep you updated with the inclusive food safety standard. It is a leading BRC training provider; which promotes reliability across the entire food chain including the handling procedures of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.
  3. 3. What is the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety? BRC Global standard is essentially a program used by over 22,000 certified suppliers in 123 countries. It sets out requirements for the manufacture of processed foods and the preparation of primary products supplied as products to branded retailers, branded food and food or ingredients for use by food service companies, catering companies and food manufacturers. This global tool is based on the latest safety standards and made food day and methodologies. The requirements of the standard are related to the quality management system and HACCP system, supported by detailed prerequisite programs.
  4. 4. The associated training program highlights the following points as regards understanding the standards: Background, Introduction, Benefits & Implementation of British Retail Consortium Audit planning which includes events to make aware regarding the standard Content in terms of Protocol & Requirements Scheme associated complete information Certification bodies monitoring
  5. 5. BRC Global Standards acquired Allergen Control Group, Inc. (ACG), owner and operator of the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP). Process Management Consulting will be offering Gluten-Free Certification Program training. Sign-up now by contacting admin@foodsafeworld.com.
  6. 6. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 conversion training starts in October. Enroll now and get your Early Bird discount. E-mail admin@foodsafeworld.com for your registration form now!
  7. 7. Auditing on July 4th 2018 with my good customer Emily’s Heirloom Pound Cakes. Look for them on Amazon. I love their Lemon Blueberry. — with Bob Thrash at Emily's Heirloom Pound Cakes.
  8. 8. Get a free assessment of your ingredients.
  9. 9. You simply just have to visit www.foodsafeaudit.com and it’ll definitely been the best opportunity to learn the significance of the approved guidelines of BRC Standard now!