psychiatry psychology undergraduate lecture mental illness usm mental health organic psychiatry neuropsychiatry postgraduate lecture cognitive psychology case study schizophrenia cognitive neuroscience general psychiatry phenomenology psychosis depression neurocognitive disorder memory neuropsychological assessment dementia stress cognitive disorder neuropsychology postgraduate psychiatry universiti sains malaysia psychopathology amnestic anxiety amnesia postgraduate seminar stress management cognition clozapine psychopharmacology psychodynamic electroconvulsive therapy counseling mental offender frontal lobe syndrome executive dysfunction organic personality disorder behaviour obsessive-compulsive tricyclic antidepressant benzodiazepine selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor anxiolytics defense mechanism mental status examination history organic mental disorder intellectual disability psychotherapy cognitive behavioural therapy relaxation breathing progressive muscle relaxation jealousy thinking neurosyphilis frontotemporal dementia paraphilia quetiapine chronobiology circadian rhythm community psychiatry mental disorder ordinance dissociative disorders forensic mcnaughton psychoanalysis psychosexual stages personality disorder biological treatment pharmacology tranquilizer psychotropics pharmacotherapy huntington disease movement disorder forensic psychiatry forensic psychology health psychology job stress industrial organizational psychology emotional well-being health promotion functional neurological disorder conversion disorder munchausen syndrome somatoform disorder somatization disorder factitious disorder briquet syndrome hypochondriasis behavioral science gmt201 introduction hadif form 2 folio phenomelogy delusion of infidelity othello syndrome pathological jealousy morbid jealousy obsession impulse-control hair pulling disorder trichotillomania qt prolongation aripiprazole stroke antidepressant psychometric child psychiatry autism spectrum disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder mental disorder biopsychosocial altruism narcissistic defense mechanism theory of mind abnormal behavior abnormal psychology criminal responsibility neuroscience trail making test letter-number sequencing digit span stroop test attention handling conflict motivating active listening facilitating group process group counseling transferable skills interview medicine post-traumatic brain injury olfactory hallucinations clinicopathological conference herpes simplex encephalitis post-encephalitis social skills interpersonal relation interpersonal skills human resources problem solving sleep physiology hypothalamus neurophysiology perceptual disorder hallucinations classification social readjustment fight or flight general adaptation syndrome psychotic disorder viral encephalitis case presentation meditation exercise time management making a diagnosis long case presentation agoraphobia phobia panic neurosis deep muscle relaxation relaxation therapy polygamy adjustment marital addiction psychiatry addiction substance-induced psychosis critical appraisal reasoning delirium dissertation caregivers burden neuroanatomy chronic interictal psychosis brief interictal psychosis postictal psychosis postpartum parasomnia insomnia bulimia nervosa anorexia nervosa bestiality zoophilia psychiatric emergency pericarditis myocarditis delusion antibiotics prodrome short notes consent ethics ultra high risk prevention malaysia fugue multiple personality disorder dissociative trance rehabilitation mental institution mental health law ect geriatric psychiatry lecture motivation ethology brain
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