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Motivational talk

I was asked to give a Motivational Talk at the Oracle Town Hall, held on the 16th of November 2016. I was only given 15 minutes to motivate the employees.

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Motivational talk

  1. 1. Complexity Science and Body Language Talk given by Yushaa Matthews 16th November 2016
  2. 2. SAFE HARBOUR STATEMENT The Content is intended to share some of my experiences, allowing me and you, to Reflect on ourselves and find a way to become better individuals, in Life and in Business I am guided and protected by the ALL Mighty, inspired by my Mentors and Appreciate the advices given to me, by my Leadership I am Happy to share the content, with anyone who will find Value in it................ “Great Things Await You”
  3. 3. The Transformation Journey The Journey to Success Success in Life and in Business
  4. 4. How it started......... Not in Control Not focussed Very Negative Very Little Passion Dressing Down Not achieving my Targets Very Little or NO Pipeline Not looking forward to go to work Battling to survive, Financially Not exercising, and.......many more
  5. 5. What have I done recently Started to Take Control Started exercising......started playing golf again Rekindled my relationship with my Mentors Started listening more to advices given to me Started reading up on Subjects: Complexity Sciences Body Language Started focusing on my Pipeline and Targets Looking forward to be at work Started taking responsibility Started applying some of my research Started praying more regularly
  6. 6. The Importance of Mentorship and Coaching Regular meetings with your Mentors At least, once every Quarter Buy-In from your Mentor Commitment by you to the Mentorship Track the progress you make Address any Short-Comings Know where you are today Establish where you want to be, in the future Achieving key Milestones Tap into your Mentor’s Network
  7. 7. Who are my Mentors Mr. Rashid Wally Ex-Finance and Sales Director for IBM SA Ex-CEO of Lenovo South Africa Chairman of Mango Airlines Independant Non-Executive Director of JSE listed – Invicta Dr. Fuad Udemans Founder and Chairman of Cyberia Group PhD in Complexity Sciences Author of “The Golden Thread” My Wife, Faeeza Matthews The Mother of my children...2 beautiful girls The Backbone that keeps our family together Minister of Finance, Home Affairs, Travel and Tourism
  8. 8. “The Golden Thread” by Dr. Fuad Udemans “Poverty & The Field of Power” by Dr. Fuad Udemans
  9. 9. My Theme Song