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cv- Yugal Kothari

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cv- Yugal Kothari

  1. 1. YUGAL KOTHARI Date of Birth – 07th October, 1989 Address - 19/20 Bahubali colony, Opposite Banjara Basti, Banswara (Rajasthan) Phone - +91-9826470616 Email- yugal20kothari@gmail.com SYNOPSIS Professional with 2 years of experience in Ericsson MSS & MGW, ZTE MSC & MGW, Basic knowledge of IPRAN Routers & Switches and Tekelec STP Professional Services. Last associated as Technical Intern at INTEL Technology India Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore. In quest of challenging positions in Telecom Networking projects, Development and testing in Telecommunication, Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning of signaling network. Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, people management, relationship management and analytical skills. 6th Feb’14- till date with IDEA CELLULAR Limited, Madhya Pradesh as Senior Executive Accountabilities Equipment Vendor: - Ericsson MSC, MSC-S, HLR (AXE-810) & MGW (CPP platform), MBPN Network (Juniper Router & BD Switches). Job Responsibilities: Packet Core part:-  Basic Knowledge of PC entities.  Operation and Maintenance of Huawei & ZTE SGSN.  Handling the GPRS Subscriber complaints Networking (IP) part:  Looking after O&M operations of MPBN network (for VOIP traffic) which comprises of routers from Juniper (M10i & M20i) and switches from black diamond (extreme network). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
  2. 2.  Looking after O&M operations of IPRAN network (for data traffic) which comprises of routers from CISCO & Huawei.  Responsible for monitoring all WAN links for which we have configured BFD to fast detect link failures and doing timely escalations to the concerned team for faster restoration of WAN links.  Managing VLAN configuration for various types of traffic such as O&M, VOIP etc. entering into the MPBN network from MGW/MSS core nodes. Telecom core part:  Responsible for Handling & Resolving Core Network issues in MSS & MGWs & MPBN (Router & Switches).  Implementing the New Feature/solution/patch loading/Software Upgrades which are recommended by product line for Improvement of Network.  Responsible for testing of the New Feature / Solution in TEST before implementing in commercial Network.  Generating reports using Business Objects.  Handling complaint & provide support to my team members and the Technical support group to solve customer complaints as and when required.  EPA90 Upgrade for all Blade Clusters node.  RTR files, CP & AP backups in MSC & MSC-S.  Changing all type of Switch related data like B-number analysis table.  MGW upgrade R6.3.2.0 to R6.5.4.0.  MSS & HLR Upgrade from R14.1 to R12B/13A Upgrade.  Connectivity with other nodes like BSC, RNC, MGW, SMSC etc.  MGW report analysis & rectification on it accordingly.  Optimization of ASR with other operators & hence to optimize traffic flow.  Fault rectification of MSS/MGW/Switches/Routers and accordingly coordinating with Ericsson.  Announcements loading in MSC & MGW.  Basic performance management of MPBN network nodes e.g., Routers (Juniper) and Switches (Extreme).  Analysis of GSM, SS7 Protocols for troubleshooting.  USSD code, Roaming related changes definition, Forwarding table & GT update in HLR. Certifications: -  Gemba Kaizon for “Mast Card Reconciliation Process in Monolithic MSC”.  Gemba Kaizon for “Online Backup Tracker”.  Gemba Kaizon for “Online Configurational changes Tracker”.
  3. 3. 6th June’12- 26 th April’13 with INTEL Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore as Intern Accountabilities Project Summary: Optimizing Communication Stack for INTEL based smart phones Power and Performance (PnP) team basically concentrate on measurement and optimization of the power and performance benchmarks across the different platforms for Mobile phones based on Intel Atom Processor. Measurement includes measuring rail power for different use cases using NI-DAQ/Other power acquisition tools. Optimization includes debugging in the architectural level for the finding better solution/technique by checking the CPU register level data using tool tools like Perf.  GSM SYSTEM SURVEY- Basic knowledge of GSM, its Architecture, Call flows and Channels.  GSM/WCDMA HLR R13.2 OPERATION – Basic building blocks of HLR, its functionality, role in establishing call set up and its future role. Course University College/School Graduati ng Year Performance M.TECH (Dist) (Communication) Nirma University Institute of Technology May 2013 7.51 CPI B.TECH (Honours) (ECE) Rajasthan Technical University M.L.V. Textile and Engineering College May 2011 71.4% Senior Secondary CBSE Modi Public School March 2007 74.4% Secondary CBSE St. Paul Sr. Sec. School March 2005 66.4% ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS TRAININGS UNDERGONE
  4. 4.  Accelerating Non-Uniform FFT Using FPGA  Optimization of Antennas through Artificial Neural Networks  Programming Language – C, C++,VHDL, PHP, SQL  Platform - SS7, LTE, SIGTRAN & BICC  Tools – Eclipse, Xilinx, Lab view  Platform – Linux, Android  Scripting Language – Shell (Basics)  Application – WinFIOL, Wireshark  GATE qualified in 2011 with a score 366/1000.  Design and Development of PHP/SQL based web Portal for Internal Team.  Published research paper in National Conference on VLSI and Embedded systems  Attended International Conference NUiCONE at Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahemadabad.  Champion in the Table Tennis (singles and doubles) at college level. ACADEMIC PROJECTS OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS/ PARTICIPATIONS TECHNICAL SKILLS