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Yl17 media 08_mc_cann-triad

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Yl17 media 08_mc_cann-triad

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Yl17 media 08_mc_cann-triad

  1. 1. #TreatMeRight   Some  mistreatment  does  not  hurt.     Mistreatment  of  Spiritual   Emergency  can  ruin  lives.  
  2. 2. THE  RIGHT  AUDIENCE   30+,  big  cities,  salary  above   average,  mid-­‐high  management,   busy,  working  with  people.   They  are  used  to  being  in   charge  of  every  aspect  of  their   lives.   They  carefully  craft  their   identities  in  order  to  be  treated   right  according  to  their  own   perception  of  themselves.   INSIGHT   TA  fears  being  misjudged,   mistreated  and  not  handled   according  to  their  own   personality.
  3. 3. THE  RIGHT  CONNECTION   As  our  TA  fear  being  misjudged   and  mistreated,  that’s  a  perfect   fit  for  Diabasis  values.   DIABASIS  CORE  VALUE   Making  sure  people  suffering  with   Spiritual  Emergency  are  being   diagnosed  right  and  get  the  right   treatment.
  4. 4. THE  RIGHT  EXECUTION   It  is  essential  to  reach  the   TA  where  they  already  are   and  surprise  them  to  get   their  attention.    
  5. 5. THE  RIGHT  EXECUTION   This won’t hurt you. 
 This is actually Vitamin C.
 But imagine you have really been misdiagnosed. You’ll spend a month in psychiatric ward where you don’t belong. You will be prescribed drugs with serious side effects and may be forced to take them for the rest of your life. And the worst part: your problem won’t go away anyway. Many people with Spiritual Emergency have to live like this. Donate and help everyone to be treated right. www.treatmeright.cz The other side
  6. 6. THE  RIGHT  WEBSITE   We  do  not  want  to   overwhelm  the  potential   donor  by  the  complexity   of  the  topic.   At  first  we  will  make  it   simple  and  just  tell  who   will  benefit  from  the   donation.  
 After  that  the  user  will  be   guided  to  learn  more.   People suffering Spiritual Emergency are being falsely diagnosed with psychosis. They can be treated right, but are receiving treatment that can hurt them and put them out of normal life. Help us to educate and treat people right by making a donation. I want to help Donate About Spiritual Emergency
  7. 7. TREAT  ME  UNIVERSALLY   Liftago   We  will  partner  with  Liftago  to   make  the  drivers  during   business  hours  act  odd  and  look   silly.   Waste  sorting  containers   We  will  use  the  containers  to   carry  the  message  that  people   care  more  about  waste  being   sorted  than  about  people   getting  the  right  treatment.   ROHLIK.CZ   In  partnership  with  Rohlik  we   select  certain  segments  of   buyers  and  put  a  totally  „out-­‐of-­‐ place”  item  in  each  order   bundled  with  a  flyer  delivering   our  message:  Help  everyone  be   treated  right.
  8. 8. TREAT  ME  IN  DIGITAL   Targeted  Social  Ads   The  same  mechanic  applies  as   to  the  programmatic  banners   just  using  Facebook  and   Instagram.   Budget:  20  000  CZK   Target  group  on  FB  +  IG:  250  00   Estimated  reach:  200  000   Estimated  clicks:  30  000   Estimated  donations:  150  000   PROGRAMMATIC   BANNERS   We  will  serve  totally  unfitting   ads  to  segmented  interest   based  groups.     The  ads  will  quickly  animate  to   our  message:  Misplaced  ads   won’t  hurt  anyone,  misplaced   treatment  can  ruin  lives.  
  9. 9. TREAT  THEM  RIGHT   We  know  our  TA  follows   similarly  minded  examples   in  their  community.     We  plan  to  team-­‐up  with   digital  influencers  who  will   support  the  cause  by  their   heart. LADISLAV  ZIBURA PAVLÍNA  LOUŽENSKÁ LADA  BRŮNOVÁ DAN  PŘIBÁŇ
  10. 10. COSTS  &  GAINS   Our  concept  is  modular  and  can   be  done  with  various  partners.   Those  partnerships  will  be  of   low  additional  production  costs.   Modularity  help  us  to  run  the   campaign  in  long-­‐term,   continuously  raise  awareness   as  well  as  donations.   And  one  more  thing.  While   donating,  you  can  off  course   subscribe  to  ongoing  monthly   support.     STRAIGHT  TO  THE  GOAL   If  we  combine  restaurant  stunt   with  digital  media  support  in  the   beginning,  we  can  fundraise     300  000  CZK  in  donations  within   first  2  weeks  while  investing     50  000  CZK.