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Photography mitchell kanashkevich

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Photography mitchell kanashkevich

  1. 1. What is he most known for?• 31 Years old, Born on June 23.• Lives In: Sydney, Australia• Well known for his documentary and Cultural shoots, and self written ebooks about his travels.• Collaborates with “Craft & Vision” and “Digital Photo School”.
  2. 2. The Photographer’s Style• He takes his Photographs seriously and deconstructs each area within the photo to give the whole a hidden story. Going “behind the scene”• Colour Enhanced (usually white balance is set to a warm red/orange/yellow)• Atmospheric• Storytelling
  3. 3. Has his style changed? Or varied?• His style has not had a big change over the years. However unlike when he first started, he began to use the use of Black and white to his photos and some of his photos tend to look like a painting.
  4. 4. Contribution to the field of photography• Through having a teaching background he has taught and emphasized the use of a Photography having His show of contribution towards photography:• Teaching, storytelling within photo taking• Passion and ambition• Awareness of his surrounding views and situation.
  5. 5. How his work influences or made a positive change• He began has a small free lancer who then grew by his passion for photography, and still lives on striving.• His work is very eye opening to others as his photos show great understanding of different cultures and different people’s lives• His photo’s earned him many interviews from varies people, which he then gives helpful advice to photographers and beginners.
  6. 6. How he makes a living (assignment, stock photo, prints, workshops, etc)• He earns his living by:• Freelancing• Doing photography for documentary story telling and writing• Collaborative EBooks and having his work published throughout many magazines, example: NY Institute of Photography Book “Top Travel Photo Tips”.• Most of his income was through travel photography for 3 years.
  7. 7. Special techniques used ( like lighting, perspective, color, b/w, etc.)• A few techniques are used to enhance his photos:• A lot of Patience; staying in an area for a long time to study the natural lighting. Usually he uses the use of natural light however he tends to also uses warm ambient lights.• Very rarely uses flash.• Each of his photos must be able to tell a story by the person(s) inside.• Most of the time it is action shots.
  8. 8. How to distinguish his work from others• In my opinion, his photographs have a strong distinction to others photos:• A strong base of the image that always tells a story.• Striking look and atmosphere of the photos, even by just a glance it still has a grabbing feel.• Shows a sort of a emotion and confidence within each image.
  9. 9. How do you respond to the photographer’s work? What did you learn or look up to him as role model?• When I look at his photos I’m expecting something to happen, its as though I am looking a movie scene.• Each of his Photos give me different atmospheric feeling. He uses his lighting very well in emphasizing different scenes such as Mystery, Action.• His photos have a very grabbing and distinctive Stories within all of them.
  10. 10. Sulfur Miner - Ijen Crater, East Java Indonesia, 2008
  11. 11. • This photo conveys a Cultural traveler-like story inside.• The enhanced contrast between the warm and cold colour creates an intriguing atmosphere.• Looking at the image makes u wonder, why are they there, where are they heading? It gives u a feel of thinking “behind the scene”.
  12. 12. Omo Valley
  13. 13. • This Photo vividly shows the life of villagers who live far from water resources. The photo depicts the scarcity of water and how rarely they are able to wash themselves.• The composition at which the shot is taken emphasis such hardship by its vast background and and limit water stream.• The lighting emphasizes the moment with the blurred sides of the background to protrude the main subjects; the people and water.
  14. 14. Hungarian-Romanian farmer takes a break - Terggu Mures, Romania, 2009
  15. 15. • The blurred background, mystery, smoke photo has a very eerie yet intriguing atmosphere and hidden story behind it.• The use of the natural white balance light fusing with the foggy, blurred background makes everything mysteries• He uses a close up and protruding effect to its main subject.
  16. 16. Timorese woman in her house - Rural West Timor, Indonesia, 2008 • A very isolated and unpleasant feel is emitted from this image due to its composition and human expression. • Like all his photos, this one also tells a story, the use of the photo of what seems to be the virgin Mary inside this photo contributes to the story and sadness coming from the photo. • The sharpness of the entire image and the eminent lighting are also contributions to the lonely atmosphere.
  17. 17. Drinking Tsuica in the village of Holbav - Transylvania, Romania, 2009
  18. 18. • Unlike many of his other works this image stands outs. What makes it stand out is the whole image itself, it looks more like a still life painting that a photo itself.• There are two sources of light in this photo, left side has a more cold light whilst the right side where the light hits the subject has a more warm, gentle feel to it.• The whole composition shows the simple, quiet life in a village.