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WRNSW Partnership for Strategic Planning Project

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Presented by WRNSW Vice President, Amanda Spalding, this project loos at participation in access and equity for women and girls at local council controlled sporting facilities. The project focuses on group one and two councils and looks at where sport and recreation is placed in their current strategic plans. The project seeks to align Councils with sport and recreation as a healthy, active lifestyle component and tackles issues surrounding the gender imbalance in access and equity.

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WRNSW Partnership for Strategic Planning Project

  1. 1. Linking with Local GovernmentAmanda SpaldingVice-President
  2. 2. Role of Local GovernmentWomensport & Recreation NSW• Councils own the majority of sport and recreation facilities• Influence and often determine who uses them (increasingdemand makes equity a lower priority?)•Control how they are managed•Make land use planning decisions about passiveAnd active open space and how to accommodate high densityliving• They have a BIG part to play and should be more active!
  3. 3. THE INTEGRATED PLANNING & REPORTING FRAMEWORKResourcingstrategy- Workforce Plan- Long-Term Financial Plan- Asset ManagementResourcingstrategy- Workforce Plan- Long-Term Financial Plan- Asset ManagementAnnual ReportAnnual ReportOperational PlanOperational PlanDelivery Program4 yearsDelivery Program4 yearsPerpetualPerpetualmonitoring andmonitoring andreviewreviewCommunity Strategic Plan10 years+Community Strategic Plan10 years+CommunityCommunityEngagementEngagementWomensport & Recreation NSW
  4. 4. Womensport & Recreation NSWNSWState PlanNSWState PlanMetro StrategyMetro StrategyRegional PlansRegional PlansCouncil CommunityStrategic PlansCouncil CommunityStrategic PlansRegionalPlanningStrategiesRegionalPlanningStrategiesThere should be a two-way exchange between state, regional andcouncil planningLinks with State planning
  5. 5. Local and State GovernmentPartnering Initiative - Objectives• Improve access, participation and equity for women and girlsthrough sport and recreationWhere are we now?• Research is a major part of the project• Asking Councils for their information about genderparticipation rates male/female• One Sydney Metropolitan Council’s bookings data suggestsbookings for women and girls only 14% of total usage• Need to improve alignment of objectives between State andlocal governmentWomensport & Recreation NSW
  6. 6. 166 ‘Councils’ in NSWWomensport & Recreation NSW
  7. 7. Where are we now?Group Active Objectives Passive Objectives35 Councils in Group 1 25: Take an active role inimproving the health andwell being of thecommunity.71% ActiveOne Council – Blacktown –Sporting City Outcomes10: See sport andrecreation as facilities andasset management29% Passive38 Councils in Group 2 28: Take an active role inimproving the health andwell being of thecommunity.74% Active10: See sport andrecreation as facilities andasset management26% PassiveWomensport & Recreation NSW
  8. 8. What have we achieved?Research into all 73 Councils in Groups 1 and 2• Research Council Community Strategic Plans• Letter to all group 1 and 2 councils requesting dataon gender participation rates and seeking partnersfor Get Active EventsReceived replies from several – good and bade.g. I have no information regarding split in availabilityof sporting infrastructure to individual sexes. I amhappy to advise I do not believe there are anydiscriminatory barriers to prevent ladies fromparticipating in sport.Womensport & Recreation NSW
  9. 9. Achievements• Met with 10 councils face to face• Attended several council community strategic planningmeetings• South Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils – 16Councils – population of 1.2 million has established asport and recreation network to address equity, andsupply and demandWomensport & Recreation NSW
  10. 10. Achievements• WRNSW presented to sporting associations aligned withWarringah Council• Invited to present to Marrickville sporting associations inAugust• Invited to present to Rockdale Sport and Recreation WorkingParty• WRNSW is building strong working relationships with SSO’s todeliver Get Active Events and improve development pathwaysinto sport and recreation.• Continue to work closely with the NSW Sports Federation todevelop actions to achieve objectives.Womensport & Recreation NSW
  11. 11. Where have we made a difference sofar?• Pittwater – ‘we have now included additionalstrategies as a result of your letter to ensure greaterequity, access and participation in sport in Pittwaterfor women and girls’.• Warringah – building facility around pool formountain biking at beginners’ level to encouragewomen in a male dominated sport.• Rockdale – made changes to Integrated Planning andReporting Framework to improve participationoutcomes to under represented groupsWomensport & Recreation NSW
  12. 12. What still needs to be done?AlignmentRegional Action PlansRegional Action PlansNSW State PlanNSW State PlanCouncil CommunityStrategicPlansCouncil CommunityStrategicPlansRegional SportingAssociations and ClubsRegional SportingAssociations and ClubsWomensport NSWWomensport NSWState SportingOrganisationsEquity Results on the Ground
  13. 13. What still needs to be done?• Research and contact Councils in Group 3 – 93Councils 56%• Campaign for best practice sporting equity – increasemomentum• Girls Get Active framework take up by Councils• Establish best practice sports amenities buildings towelcome all ages, genders and CALD communities –prerequisite to funding• Work with NSW Sports Federation to set and pursueequity objectives through State, regional sportingassociations and sporting clubsWomensport & Recreation NSW
  14. 14. Womensport & Recreation NSWWomensport & Recreation NSWIncreasing demands and standards for sportsamenity buildings
  15. 15. Womensport & Recreation NSW
  16. 16. Womensport & Recreation NSWAbout UsWRNSW is the only organisation of its type in NSW. We are a state wideadvocacy helping to promote positive perceptions of women and girls insport and drive both profile and participation. WRNSW provides manyopportunities for sporting organisations and individuals, who believe inequity for all women.Our key objectives are:To help girls be motivated to start or continue with sport by deliveringGirls Get Active Events.•To help Sporting organisations deliver metropolitan and regionalcoaching programs to school girls and create future pathways.To work with State Sport Organisations to help more women step up tosenior executive roles and to increase the number of women on ourstate’s sporting boards.To work with Councils in a Partnerships for Strategic Planning Project toincrease participation, awareness and access for Women in Sport andRecreation.
  17. 17. Contact Us• Office – 02 8116 9734• President@womensportnsw.com.au• Vicepresident@womensportnsw.com.au• 0412 015 881• Office@womensportnsw.com.au• www.womensportnsw.com.auWomensport & Recreation NSW