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HR Innovators Virtual Conference: HR Must Use Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

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The explosion of social media has enabled companies direct access to people like never before and in 2016 using social media for talent acquisition is not a new concept. But with the explosion came the noise and visibility so HR must work smarter if it wants to engage & attract new employees.

- Gain an understanding of how technology has opened the door to your company and how that impacts hiring
- See examples of companies who are using employer (or even employee) branding to ease talent acquisition
- Discover tools that you can use to map across social networks to improve candidate engagement.

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HR Innovators Virtual Conference: HR Must Use Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent

  1. 1. HR Must Use Social Media to Engage and Attract Talent With Katrina Collier
  2. 2. About the Conference 2 Days, 6 Education-packed sessions
  3. 3. About Katrina Collier Katrina Collier Since 2009, Katrina Collier has been showing SMEs to global Corporates around the world how to source their staff on social media; transforming HR & Recruiters into Certified Searchologists. London UK based, Katrina is a social recruiting specialist; a global trainer and keynote speaker, sharing proven techniques gained from over a decade of full cycle recruitment and social recruiting experience. Katrina is one of The 100 Most Influential People in HR & Recruiting on Twitter and her social recruiting opinion is quoted in HRReview, SHRM, The Staffing Stream, and Cambridge University's Strategies for Success. She writes avidly on The Searchologist Live, and is a regular HR & Recruitment speaker, including recently at RecruitDC, SOSU Sourcing Summits in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Asia, SourceCon, the Social Recruiting Strategies Conferences, Talent Acquisition Summit, and to the Singapore Government.
  4. 4. Social Recruiting Specialist Trainer & Speaker Since 2009 @WinningImpress
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  6. 6. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators2006
  7. 7. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators2009
  8. 8. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators2016
  9. 9. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  10. 10. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsPeople Are Everywhere…
  11. 11. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators…Yet Recruiters Are Not
  12. 12. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  13. 13. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsWhat’s going on?
  14. 14. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Has Enabled Laziness
  15. 15. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Has Created Noise
  16. 16. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Has Created Barriers
  17. 17. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Has Created Bulk Email Source: TalentBin HT @GlenCathey
  18. 18. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Created InMail Noise
  19. 19. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  20. 20. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsThen There’s ‘Social’ Media
  21. 21. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsBroadcasting ≠ Engagement
  22. 22. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsAutomation ≠ Engagement
  23. 23. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTech Gives People A Voice
  24. 24. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators#recruiterfail
  25. 25. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  26. 26. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsTechnology Opened Your Door
  27. 27. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  28. 28. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsCompany Social Media Is Under Review http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/companies-rocking-linkedin-company-pages
  29. 29. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsWhat Will They See On Facebook?
  30. 30. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsThey Will Assess YOUR Reputation
  31. 31. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators Would You Reply To You?
  32. 32. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsSide Note: People Want Ease…
  33. 33. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators
  34. 34. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators More people own a cell than a tooth brush!
  35. 35. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators3 Steps To Smartening Up
  36. 36. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators1. Be Someone Worth Talking To
  37. 37. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsGive Facebook An Audit!
  38. 38. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsGive People Something To Read
  39. 39. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsBe Responsive (On The Right Platform)
  40. 40. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsOpen The Door (On Instagram)
  41. 41. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsPersonal Instagram
  42. 42. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsRepost App
  43. 43. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsBe Easy To Follow On Twitter
  44. 44. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsShare Interesting Updates
  45. 45. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsConverse Appropriately
  46. 46. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsBecause…
  47. 47. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators2. Get Curious!
  48. 48. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsDig!
  49. 49. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsDig Deeper! (With More Than 1 Tool)
  50. 50. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators Uh Oh… à In Under 2 Minutes…
  51. 51. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators3. Show You Care
  52. 52. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsGrab Attention… Fast
  53. 53. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsOld School Wins
  54. 54. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsEmail Directly
  55. 55. @WinningImpress #hrinnovatorsDelay It
  56. 56. @WinningImpress #hrinnovators ü  Be someone worth talking to! ü  Get curious ü  Show you care In Summary
  57. 57. Q&A
  58. 58. 5 Don't Miss the Next Session!
  59. 59. 6 Katrina Collier Chief Searchologist | Social Recruiting Specialist www.thesearchologist.com katrina@thesearchologist.com +447917880711 | Skype: katrina.collier Keynote Speaker | Social Recruiting Trainer §  Onsite & Tailored §  Online (Academy or Private)