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Putting employees at the centre of your intranet redesign — Emma Morrison and Usman Hasan

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Emma Morrison and Usman Hasan of Hyde Group (Housing) at Intranet Now, October 2018.

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Putting employees at the centre of your intranet redesign — Emma Morrison and Usman Hasan

  1. 1. Putting employees at the centre of your intranet redesign Emma Morrison Usman Hasan
  2. 2. Our current intranet • Fragmented across two platforms • Inconsistent and inflexible design • No global search The Hydewide home page… • News area has no content hierarchy • One-way broadcast – no interaction • Unfit for workforce of the future Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3 T h e H u b s H y d e w i d e
  3. 3. Barriers to staff engagement • Old branding - doesn’t inspire confidence • News area is a muddle - with no clear purpose • No ‘content hierarchy’ • One-way broadcast • Staff directory out of date and inconsistent • Search and structure not fit for purpose – wasting staff time • Does not facilitate the culture of achievement Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  4. 4. Culture of achievement Clarity and focus Work at good pace High expectations Staff are empowered Staff can collaborate We celebrate! Improve the delivery of corporate news and messages Improved digital workplace - staff can find what they need to do their job New staff intranet is high quality, up to date and something to be proud of Social business tools to enable two-way conversation and interaction Improved staff directory and social business tools to facilitate collaboration A space to highlight achievements and share success! Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  5. 5. Intranet workshops – staff had their say Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  6. 6. What we did • 11 workshops in different locations • Around 100 staff members attended • We asked for their views • Tell us what you hate about the intranet • Tell us how we can make it better • Organise into themes as a group using post-its • Using ‘peanut butter in the jam aisle’ analogy (borrowed from last year’s Intranet Now) Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  7. 7. What staff said • “Sooo much of the content is out of date” • “But it’s not relevant to me?” • “The staff directory is incorrect and inconsistent” • “I can’t find anything as the search doesn’t work” • “Why do important news items get bumped off by cake sales?” • “I just want quick links to the documents I actually use” • “Why can’t we add comments and ask questions?” • “It looks really boring and old fashioned…” Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  8. 8. Six lessons we learned from our workshops Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  9. 9. Lesson one – who? • Keep groups small • Get influencers in • Separate ‘senior’ management team Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  10. 10. Lesson two – when? • Stick to lunchtime • Mountain to Mohammed • Take nightclub approach Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  11. 11. Lesson three – glorious food! • Feed them • Write ‘free lunch’ on the invite • Order extra – don’t run out Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  12. 12. Lesson four – the session • Be flexible - horses for courses • No gripe no gain Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  13. 13. Lesson five – have fun! • Make ‘em laugh • Use what’s out there; It’s made for sharing Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  14. 14. Lessons learned – and finally • Double up • Keep it simple • Use our ‘whine and dine’ approach Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  15. 15. Where are we now and where are we going • Results of the staff workshops were added to the business case • Staff feedback will help us prioritise our decisions • Success measures will include: • Analytics and user journeys • Staff feedback – formal and informal • Reduction in time taken to complete ‘top tasks’ • Staff engagement Emma Morrison & Usman Hasan @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3
  16. 16. The confusing library - the Two Ronnies - You don’t classify books by their colour! - It’s the architect’s idea. He said they’d look neater. - Your system is stupid! - Well, no one else has ever complained… @EMX40 @UsmanHasan3 Video: https://youtu.be/AYxmPHLU9oA