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The 3 Keys To Success in SEO

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The 3 Keys To Success in SEO

  2. 2. WHO WE ARE A Little Bit About Us Rory possesses a track record in delivering SEO growth that supports multi-million-pound revenues; Rory regularly attends digital marketing events across the globe to discuss SEO, user intent and content marketing strategy. Rory has worked with Reach PLC, American Express, Arkadin, Flexioffices, DueDil and Cloudflare. Benjamin Beckwith Head of SEO Rory Hope Head of Inbound Marketing Ben is a highly experienced Head of SEO, who is described in the industry as an expert SEO strategist. He has developed an award winning department of SEO specialists at Semetrical and is passionate about all things SEO. Ben has implemented highly successful campaigns for global organisations such as DueDil, American Express and Ticketmaster. .
  3. 3. We’re Semetrical, the best small SEO & biddable agency in the UK.
  4. 4. 3 Keys To Success In SEO KEY TO SUCCESS 1 KEY TO SUCCESS 2 KEY TO SUCCESS 3 Maximum intelligence into your market to aid strategy development Personalised solutions for optimising different parts of your website Reporting, industry monitoring & optimisation for continuous ROI 3 KEYS
  6. 6. - Establishing the most effective KPIs - Develop targets based on business goals - Understand key products or service areas Aligning With Business Objectives INTELLIGENCE
  7. 7. Backlink Audit Content Audit Technical Audit Historical SEO Review Initial Ranking Review & Themes Audit of Current Performance INTELLIGENCE
  8. 8. INTELLIGENCE Historical Review
  9. 9. Initial Ranking & Content Review INTELLIGENCE Get a snapshot of current rankings Identify quick wins from your current rankings Review content that can be improved Identify top performing themes
  10. 10. Technical Audits INTELLIGENCE An in-depth audit should be undertaken at the beginning of any website review. At Semetrical we cover over 200 individual checks across 11 fundamental areas.
  11. 11. Backlink Audits INTELLIGENCE A strong and optimised backlink profile is essential for maximising potential SEO performance.
  12. 12. Industry Research Competitor Analysis Ranking Analysis Backlink Analysis Content Review In-Depth Keyword Research SERP Analysis SEO Gap Analysis Audience Intelligence SEO Opportunity Analysis Gaining Industry Knowledge INTELLIGENCE
  13. 13. In-depth Keyword Research INTELLIGENCE Detailed keyword research needs to conducted across thousands of keywords to identify all relevant terms. This highlights the search patterns of potential users at each stage of the funnel and exactly how they are searching. Keyword Identification Keyword Segmentation Keyword Cleaning
  14. 14. Analysing the SERP INTELLIGENCE Analyse the top half of a SERP for a given keyword to help inform keyword prioritisation. The SERP can give away tons of information such as: - Featured snippet opportunities - The competitiveness of a keyword - The intent of a keyword e.g. Informational - The content type or style needed in order to rank - Type of websites ranking in the top positions - Highlighting irrelevant and relevant keywords
  15. 15. Competitor Ranking & Content Analysis INTELLIGENCE Identify keywords where they are performing well but your website is not visible or is not ranking highly. Look at the “how” and “why” Identify your “Organic” Competition
  16. 16. Competitor Backlink Analysis INTELLIGENCE Analyse competitor backlink profiles to identify - Successful strategies undertaken to date - URL specific backlink strategies (Money page URL strategies)
  17. 17. Strategy & Roadmap Development INTELLIGENCE Prioritized technical roadmap Precision keyword targeting strategies Optimisation & new pages strategies Seasonality strategies Backlink strategies
  18. 18. Developing Detailed Forecasts I N T E L L I G E N C E Forecasts help show the potential opportunity on offer and provides a metric to work towards to show success. - CTR Models predict the uplift in traffic for keyword level strategies. - Third party visibility tools help benchmark competitor performance and the traffic gaps.
  20. 20. Technical Optimisation S O L U T I O N S It’s important to fix any critical issues before making too many optimizations on your website. Continual technical optimizations should be part of an ongoing strategy to help further advance your website setup. Internal linking optimisations Hierarchy optimisations Speed solutions Cleaning up low quality pages
  21. 21. On-site Optimisations S O L U T I O N S All optimisations should work towards improving the relevance of a page, increasing the CTR to a page and improving the conversion rates on a page. Optimising meta data such as title tags & meta descriptions Optimising the on page copy Improving the layout of the content on a page Recommending new content to be added to a site 01 02 03 04
  22. 22. - Using advertising platforms to inform audience reach - Audience intelligence Senior Manager CRM Specialist IT Specialist Goals Sarah is looking for a software product that will boost the teams productivity and help bring better results in the long run. Motivations - Decrease the time spent for doing routine operations - Flat learning curve Frustrations - Low ROI - The product takes way too much time to integrate and learn Goals The main goal is for the product to be easy in use and not a road block when trying to solve a particular problem. Motivations - Intuitive interface - Easy to learn and use Frustrations - Messy navigation - Not clear what to do at each stage Goals To get a product that is easy to integrate into the current IT infrastructure, that doesn’t require intensive support. Motivations - Easy integration with current infrastructure - Secure Frustrations - Requires a lot of support Buyer / User Persona User Persona Buyer Persona Creating Audience Personas S O L U T I O N S
  23. 23. It’s important to build links to improve the authority & relevancy of your domain on a regular basis. LINK BUILDING
  24. 24. Localising Content S O L U T I O N S Localising market research & content across each market & language: - Keyword research - Competitor analysis - Intent analysis and keyword mappings - Localised SEO strategies Localising for Native Search Engines: - Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & Baidu
  26. 26. Optimising Towards Continuous ROI R E P O R T I N G Primary KPIs Conversions / Leads Traffic Revenue Secondary KPIs Rankings Number of links
  27. 27. Developing bespoke reports which capture all key insights and KPIs. Implementing all necessary website tracking to capture all website sales and revenue. SOLUTIONS Granular Visibility
  28. 28. In-Depth Reporting R E P O R T I N G In-depth reporting & transparency to indicate how well each optimization area is going. - Technical reports - New page reports - Campaign reports - Ranking reports - Organic traffic & lead reports % % 7 152.42 48.42 70.42 3236 New Links 100% 20,236 Total Backlinks 63% 20,236 Total Backlinks 63% Last 30 Days Sessions User Conversion Rate Revenue Sales Rev/ User
  29. 29. Staying on top of industry trends, identifying new industry opportunities that benefit your website. Industry Changes Regularly reviewing ranking gaps between your site and competitors Gap Analysis Review changes of SERP features, keyword intent and competition ranking SERP Reviews Continually update topics/themes in the keyword research and uncover new areas of opportunity Continual Keyword Research Continually reviewing ranking reports to identify new optimisation opportunities Ranking Analysis Growth Opportunity Analysis R E P O R T I N G
  30. 30. Ensuring all marketing channels are fully aligned & integrated: - Paid Media & SEO - Social & SEO - PR & SEO - Content & SEO - CRM & SEO Developing Cross Channel Alignment R E P O R T I N G
  31. 31. 3 Keys To Success In SEO KEY TO SUCCESS 1 KEY TO SUCCESS 2 KEY TO SUCCESS 3 Maximum intelligence into your market to aid strategy development Personalised solutions for optimising different parts of your website Reporting, industry monitoring & optimisation for continuous ROI 3 KEYS
  32. 32. Things to expect from an agency
  33. 33. We develop bespoke digital solutions that are carefully tailored to meet our client’s ambitions E X P E R T I S E We build long lasting partnerships Operating as an extension of your in-house team We develop long-term planning Data led strategy ROI focused Our approach focuses on truly understanding the long-term goals of our clients to develop flexible, long-term partnerships that deliver growth.
  34. 34. One Off Projects R E P O R T I N G In-depth market research Website migration Speed projects Technical audits & roadmaps Evergreen content plans SEO blueprints Website re-structures Algorithmic recovery plans
  35. 35. We’ve Won Multiple Awards UK BIDDABLE AWARDS WINNER: Best Small Biddable Agency EU CONTENT AWARDS WINNER: Best Integrated Content Campaign UK SEARCH AWARDS WINNER: Best Small SEO Agency EU SEARCH AWARDS WINNER: Best Use of SEO - B2B EU SEARCH AWARDS WINNER Best Small SEO Agency & Best Small PPC Agency A W A R D S 2020 2019 2017
  36. 36. 01. SEO Audits 02. Opportunity Analysis Free Consultations C O N S U L T A T I O N S
  37. 37. THANKYOU! Get in touch to request a free website performance audit & download these slides. CONTACT US Call Us: 020 3198 9963 Email Us: rh@semetrical.com