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Energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listing buildings

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William Dyer Electrical - Specialist Electrical Contractors for Energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listing buildings in the UK

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Energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listing buildings

  1. 1. William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedEnergy Efficient Refurbishment of UKListed Buildings
  2. 2. Energy efficient refurbishment of listed buildingsThere are around half a million buildings in the UK which have been placed on the Statutory List ofBuildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. These buildings are referred to as ‘listed’. Ofthe listed buildings in the UK, 94% of these are Grade II listed which means that they are buildingsthat are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.The main stipulations where listed buildings are concerned are that they may not be demolished,extended or altered without permission from local planning authorities.Energy consumed in occupied properties is accountable for almost 50% of the UK’s CO2 emissions.Furthermore, 22% of the emissions are produced in public and commercial properties. Of theseproperties, a significant amount of them were built before 1919 which means that many of themeasures installed are dated and inefficient in energy terms. The Government aims to improve the energy efficiency within existing buildings and with the support of planning authorities and guidance from English Heritage, energy efficiency improvements can be made to UK listed buildings enablingthem to comply with new legislation (Part L of the Building Regulations).Refurbishments to listed buildings can be made once agreed with planning authorities and providedthat they are sympathetically executed and in keeping with the building’s original character.There are a variety of measures that can be undertaken in order to enhance the energy efficiencywithin listed buildings including:  Smart meter installation  Heating and insulating the property  Installing energy efficient controls  Low energy lighting installationWilliam Dyer Electrical (UK) Ltd is a specialist electrical contractor for the energy efficientrefurbishment of Grade II listed buildings. They have worked on a number of refurbishments ofGrade II listed buildings to restore the properties to their former glory whilst ensuring that the mostenergy efficient installations are carried out in a manner in keeping with the original features of thebuildings.William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedSpecialist Electrical Contractors for energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings
  3. 3. They have been employed as sub-contractor and main contractor on variety of commercial andpublic sector Grade II listed building refurbishment projects.Whilst approval is granted far in advance of the refurbishments, the William Dyer Electrical teamhave to ensure that throughout the projects, installations are carried out in accordance with buildingconservation and sustainability in mind. They work closely with English Heritage and conservation toensure that refurbishments are carried out sympathetically at all times.Manchester College - Harpurhey Baths ConversionIn 2010, William Dyer Electrical (UK) Ltd completed an 18 month project as sub-contractor forQuarmby Construction to transform the Harpurhey Baths at Manchester College into a state of theart educational facility. This project was part new-build, part restoration of the Grade II listed publicbaths to provide new teaching accommodation to supplement the award-winning Rochdale Road6th Form College.William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedSpecialist Electrical Contractors for energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings
  4. 4. Challenges:The Listed section of the restoration had to be reinstated to its original state using traditionalbuilding techniques whilst utilising modern electrical wiring techniques and technology beneath thesurface. The wiring had to be replaced behind the existing Victorian tiles without disruption. WilliamDyer Electrical (UK) Ltd completed the 18 month project on time, to budget and with minimaldisruption.William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedSpecialist Electrical Contractors for energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings
  5. 5. Shena Simon Campus – Manchester CollegeFollowing the successful completion of the refurbishment of Grade II Victorian swimming baths intoa state of art facility at Harpurhey Campus, Manchester College, William Dyer Electrical won aprestigious £1.5million contract at Shena Simon building at Manchester College – another Grade IIlisted building, awarded in 2012.The Shena Simon building is a Grade II listed building located in the city of Manchester. William DyerElectrical was employed as principal contractor following the successful completion of theHarpurhey contract and their experience in working on sympathetic yet energy efficient restorationprocesses needed when refurbishing listed buildings.The 6 phase electrical installation project at Shena Simon involved a complete electrical rewire andboiler replacement programme to modernise existing installations which were expending significantlevels of energy.William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedSpecialist Electrical Contractors for energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings
  6. 6. William Dyer Electrical worked closely with conservation experts to ensure that the installationswere conducted sympathetically, whilst energy efficient. One of the main challenges was that thecollege had to remain open and occupied throughout the installations.In addition to the college facilities, the building houses two theatres requiring public accessthroughout the installation period. To ensure the safety of the public and their staff, William DyerElectrical invested in Health & Safety and Risk Management training for their whole workforce(including Management).ExpertiseIn order to carry out such refurbishment works on listed buildings, contractors must have anunderstanding of the unique nature of the project in hand. They must also recognise the significanceof the requirements of historic building restoration which requires extensive technical expertise.When refurbishing Grade II listed properties, there are often technical and aesthetic conflicts whichcan arise which require highly creative solutions and technical expertise in order to for the works tobe carried out to the correct standard and in keeping with the requirements outlined by the planningauthorities.William Dyer Electrical (UK) Ltd have the knowhow and expertise to carry out large scale specialistelectrical contracting services for the energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings.For more information, visit www.wmdyer.co.uk or call 01706 212 815 to speak to a ContractManager. To visit our website or find out more about William Dyer Electrical, scan this QR code with your Smartphone!William Dyer Electrical (UK) LimitedSpecialist Electrical Contractors for energy efficient refurbishment of Grade II listed buildings