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Boosting Event Participation with Social Media

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TexasPTA Conference 2017 - Karen Bantuveris Facilitator Presentation: Boosting Event Participation for your PTA group with Social Media. Get more parents involved with your school parent group activities.

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Boosting Event Participation with Social Media

  1. 1. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA Boosting Event Participation with Social Media Facilitator: Karen Bantuveris Founder & CEO SignUp.com
  2. 2. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA AGENDA 2 • Event Roundup • What is SignUp.com • Fundraising Overview • Building Online Community • Savvy Social Media Planning • Group Practice
  3. 3. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA Fall/Winter Spring/Summer Elementary Middle/HS EVENT ROUNDUP:
  4. 4. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SignUp.com − THE EASIEST WAY TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER
  5. 5. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SAVING TIME = BIG TRACTION THEY SIGN UPYOU PLAN WE REMIND EASY! 12 Million People Organized 37 Million Spots Filled
  6. 6. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA WHY LEADERS & VOLUNTEERS LOVE US SAVE TIME BOOST Volunteer Turnout REDUCE Leader Burnout BUILD Loyalty & Donors 99% of Organizers & 
 95% of Volunteers 
 would refer SignUp.com to a friend or colleague.
  7. 7. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA POWERING EVENTS & FUNDRAISERS Simply Plan: •Back 2 School •Book Fairs •Carnivals •Concessions •Cook-offs •Fun Runs •Holiday Concerts •Science Fairs •Talent Shows •Tournaments •Walkathons
  8. 8. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA MORE PARTICIPATION, MORE PROFITS $$$ $,$$$ $$,$$$ $,$$$,$$$
  9. 9. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SOCIALIZE YOUR SALE
  10. 10. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY
  11. 11. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLAINED
  12. 12. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA Listen Share Connec t Inspire SOCIAL MEDIA STRENGTHENS YOUR PTA It’s like having a conversation! When we have calls-to- action, our community will be engaged.
  13. 13. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SOCIAL MEDIA STRENGTHENS YOUR PTA Trust Listen Share Connec t Inspire Action
  14. 14. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY • Website • Newsletters • Emails • Building entrances • Public events & gatherings • Corporate and community partners “Please Join Us!”
  15. 15. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA TELL THEM HOW TO JOIN YOU Show Your Lions Pride! www.facebook.com/CHSLions www.Twitter.com/ CHSLions
  16. 16. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA WHAT TO POST • Upload photos & video and tag volunteers (NOT kids) • Create ‘Events’ pages for big activities • Membership & fundraising links. Status (#, %) • Call for Volunteers • Interesting articles & community happenings • Sports scores & student/school awards • Questions/polls on related topics • Thanks to corporate sponsors • Appreciation to volunteers & participants
  17. 17. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA WHAT TO POST
  18. 18. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA BUZZ => FUN & $$ MORE TURNOUT MORE FUN MORE PROFIT
  19. 19. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA MORE TURNOUT = MORE PROFIT 19 Add SOCIAL to your communications plan to build buzz and participation
 • Events & Tickets • Volunteer recruiting • Social incentives • Fun polls & ‘ticklers’ • Members, bloggers, 
 community/corp. partners • Check-ins • Photo sharing • Options to donate “Like” us on facebook and get a bonus raffle ticket!
  20. 20. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA CREATE A SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN Include: • Timeline of when to post • Which social channels • What messages • Who will share • How to measure
  21. 21. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA WHAT TO POST When Where What 1 month before • Publish URLs & Twitter/FB/Instagram hashtag on all materials & banners (#EECarnival) • Warm-up Buzz: • Carnival is around the corner – preorder tickets & skip the lines! <click here> • Please sign up to help at Carnival. 30 Minute shifts, bring the fun! <click here> 3 weeks before • Who should we put in the dunking booth? Vote! • Basket Bidding warm-up! Check these out - awesome. What do you want to bid on? 7-10 days before • Carnival next Sat. Thx 2 R sponsor @BigStore! 1-2 weeks before Personal buzz from community • Can’t wait for Carnival! Which cake should I bake for the cakewalk? <photos> • Definitely going to bid on this: <photo/link>. What’s your fav? Example: Fall Carnival
  22. 22. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA PRE-EVENT BUZZ
  23. 23. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA WHAT TO POST When Where What 2-3 days before • Photos of prep work, updates on carnival booths, entertainment, prizes, etc. • Acknowledge volunteers and sponsors At Carnival POSTERS Hashtags# Check in • Join us Online! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest • Please tweet! #EECarnival • Tell us your favorite carnival booth on on Facebook and get a free raffle ticket! • Project a Twitter ‘backchannel’ screen: TodaysMeet.com • Social ambassador badges “I for EElem, Do U?” After • ‘Best of’ photos & video • Thanks to volunteers and sponsors • RESULTS : $$ raised & why, attendance, volunteer #s
  24. 24. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA DAY OF BUZZ
  25. 25. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA ONSITE SOCIALIZING Give ‘em a reason to socialize! • Tweet, Facebook or Instagram their selfie with your mascot • Special raffle prizes for Facebook check-in or tweeting with event hashtag, i.e. #EastElementaryCarnival
 • Make a game of tweeting, Facebooking or Instagramming selfies or photobombs with the principal or coach
  27. 27. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA THANK SPONSORS
  28. 28. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Thanks to Sherry Truhlar of RedAppleAuctons for the great ideas!
 • Highlight “hot” items • Show off games and booths • Show where the money will go • Showcase your theme • Photos of invitation  • Include website link to tickets or volunteer SignUp below image
  29. 29. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA SOCIAL POWER PLANNING TOOLS • Social dashboard • Scheduling tools for Tweets/ posts • Analytics/Link tracking • Analysis of content, sources & influencers • Themed profile pics
  30. 30. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA PUT THEM TO WORK! (4-5 minutes) Groups of 3
  31. 31. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA Q & A
  32. 32. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA GET HELP Like these ideas, but don’t have time? Be strategic! Recruit Volunteers • Social Communications Coordinator • Social Buzz Teams • Community Manager
  34. 34. @SignUp.com SignUp.com/TXPTA JOIN US! @SignUpdotcom Pinterest.com/
 SignUpdotcom Facebook.com/
 SignUpdotcom Try if free: SignUp.com/Demo Get the presentation: SignUp.com/TXPTA