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Architectural Design of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has a rich, diverse history of architectural works, having been known throughout professional architectural circles as a test bed for architecture.

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Architectural Design of Los Angeles

  1. 1. Architecture Of Los Angeles
  2. 2. City Of Los Angeles  Second-largest city in the United States after New York City  The most populous city in the U.S.  3state of California, and the county seat of Los Angeles County.  Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles is known its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sprawling metropolis.  A major center of the American entertainment industry.  Focal point of the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area and the Greater Los Angeles Area region
  3. 3. Population  2010 – 13 million and over 18 million people  One of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world as well as the second-largest in the United States.
  4. 4. Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments (LAHCMs) in Downtown Los Angeles, California are designated by the City's Cultural Heritage Commission.  There are more than 120 LAHCMs in the downtown area.  These includes:  Old Plaza Historic District  Little Tokyo  Chinatown  Broadway Theater District,  Spring Street Financial District  Fashion District
  5. 5. Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments Palace Theatre Los Angeles City Hall La Placita Church
  6. 6. Modern Architectural Styles • Los Angeles has a rich, diverse history of architectural works, having been known throughout professional architectural circles as a test bed for architecture. • Architects such as Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, John Lautner and Frank Lloyd Wright all have important works in the city. • Mission revival, • Spanish colonial revival, • Craftsman • Norman French provincial • French chateau • English Tudor • Beaux arts • Art deco • Streamline modern
  7. 7. Colonial Revival • The Colonial Revival homes in La Fayette Square range in their aesthetic influences and level of detail. • Subsets Colonial Revival Style  American Colonial  Georgian and Adam • American Colonial Revival style – Have very simple and clean exteriors • Adam and Georgian Revival – Have more ornate embellishments such as quoins and dentils.
  8. 8. Craftsman • Style dates from the early 1900s • Is a response to the English Arts and Crafts Movement. • Craftsman architecture  Stressed the importance of simplicity  Adapts form to function  Relates the building to both its designer through the incorporation of craftsmanship, and to the surrounding landscape
  9. 9. French Eclectic • Popular throughout the United States • The style is intended to mimic the design of small manor houses and farmhouses of Northwest France. • It is likely that part of the popularity of this design is attributable to the many American servicemen stationed in France during World War I.
  10. 10. International Style • The most common characteristics of International Style buildings are said to be; • Rectilinear forms • Light, taut plane • Open interior spaces • A visually weightless quality engendered by the use of cantilever construction. Glass and steel, in combination with usually less visible reinforced concrete, are the characteristic materials of the construction
  11. 11. English Tudor Revival Tudor style homes have many of these features; • Decorative half-timbering • Steeply pitched roof • Prominent cross gables • Tall, narrow windows • Small window panes • Massive chimneys, often topped with decorative chimney pots
  12. 12. Modern & Famous Buildings of Los Angeles US Bank Tower Walt Disney Concert Hall Height: 310 m Height: 88m Floors: 73 Floor: 13 Type: skyscraper Type: Hall
  13. 13. Important Buildings of Los Angeles Gas Company Tower 777 Tower LA County Museum of Arts
  14. 14. Tallest buildings in Los Angeles • Ranks skyscrapers in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California by height. • 73-story U.S. Bank Tower, which rises 1,018 feet (310 m) in Downtown • Second-tallest skyscraper – The Aon Center, which rises 858 feet (262 m). • Seven of the ten tallest buildings in California are located in Los Angeles. Aon Center Height: 856m Floor: 63 City National Tower Height: 699m Floor: 56