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  1. E-Journals and long-term availability: an overview and panel discussion on the archiving infrastructure to meet the needs of users Breakout Session Group B No. 20 – Branksome Suite Fred Guy and Adam Rusbridge EDINA, University of Edinburgh UKSG 2013 Conference 8th – 10th April 1
  2. AGENDA Monday 8th April 2013 16:00 – 16:10 Introduction and Overview Fred Guy EDINA 16:10 – 16:20 UKLOCKSS Alliance Adam Rusbridge EDINA 16:20 - 16:45 Panel David Prosser RLUK Lorraine Estelle Jisc Collections Joanne Farrant Cambridge University Bill Barker London School of Economics 2
  3. PRINT JOURNALS Subscription & ownership Cambridge UL National Library of Scotland / 4
  4. E-JOURNALS Subscriptions Licence Library website Hosting websites Remote access Cu g s  ss? rre ter Lo s ce cce nt m n ac a ac acc t ce e n t e rm ss ss ? r ur g  C on e L 5
  5. The ke The Keepers The Keepers (Archiving Agencies)
  6. The Keepers – contributing to the Keepers Registry National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  7. Supporting activities • Sponsoring reports Scoping study for a registry of electronic journals that indicates where they are archived . Rightscom & Loughborough University. 2008 • Encouraging discussion. JARVIG – e-Journals ARchiVing Interest Group. Preparation of a plan with KR at the heart. Now subject to review and costs/benefits analysis. • Funding development. PEPRS & the Keepers Registry 8
  8. E-Journal Archiving JARVIG DRAFT Implementation Plan 2012 - Under review Monitor & assess the nature of disruptive innovation Engagement & advocacy Liaise with publishers with funders (inc. EC) Develop an HEI Establish terminologies Assessment Influence governance of eJA services - access/preservation - publication Framework via the Monitor & help develop governance of KR KR Examine sustainability issues Work with small publishers and learned societies JISC Collections JISC Help to design and build an Journal Archive International KEEPERS Network Committee international stakeholder JISC IKNC community Archival clauses & KEEPERS Collections Registry contractual implications KRB Build a community around and on top KEEPERS Registry of the KEEPERS Registry (a social media Board layer) EDINA + ISSN-IC Work with resolvers & Post- aggregators cancellation Continue to work on entitlement Examine scalability issues for KR R&D issues related to KR Establish and implement kite- marks for best practice Assess business models for KR PECAN technical Work together on “fire drills” and an annual architecture confidence and benchmarking survey UK LOCKSS Alliance
  9. The Keepers Registry – key facts • Aggregation of metadata supplied by a number of archiving agencies (7 at present) • This metadata : – Describes a journal (title, ISSN, publisher) – Identifies the agency which is archiving the journal – Provides information on which volumes of the journal have been preserved • The project started as PEPRS 1(August 2008 – July 2010); Phase 2 (August 2010 – July 2012); Phase 3 October 2012 – July 2013) • Funded by Jisc • ISSN International Centre, Paris, is a partner providing the ISSN Register • PEPRS Beta service April 2011 – September 2011 • The Keepers Registry October 2011 - 10
  10. The Keepers Registry: finding out what the keepers are doing. eg. Portico eg. CLOCKSS eg. British Library http/
  11. 12
  12. Search Status codes Extent (volumes etc.) 44 Keepers
  13. One analysis of the coverage of subscriptions by two keepers “Our analysis of e-journal preservation coverage indicates that LOCKSS and Portico combine to preserve only a relatively small percentage of the CUL’s e-journal holdings, for example, less than 15% of Cornell e-journal titles as a whole”. Final Report of the 2CUL LOCKSS Assessment Team Cornell University Library & Columbia University Library Report Completed: March 2011 Public Release: October 2011 . p. 3
  14. Gap of Dunloe, Ireland 15
  15. How to bridge the gap? 16
  16. How can the infrastructure be sustained? Services Publishers Keepers Keepers Registry
  17. Acknowledgements Images from Flickr - •Bookshelves - jvoss •Cambridge University Library – Steve Cadman •National Library of Scotland – Sawa •Licence – Seattle Municipal Archives •Telescope •Vaults – Chris Arnold •Gap of Dunloe - Chris Blanar •Forth Road Bridge – Edinburgh Spotlight fbid=10151629417409416&set=a.201854474415.162850.152916769415&type=1&theater 18
  18. References 1. JARVIG Web site with link to reports of meetings and plan 2. PEPRS Project website 3. The Keepers Registry service 4. Rightscom and Loughborough University. Scoping study for a registry of electronic journals that indicates where they are archived. Final version. January 2008 5. Final report of the 2CUL LOCKSS Assessment Team Cornell University Library Columbia University Library. Report Completed: March 2011 Public Release: October 2011 19

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  1. How do we find what is in the vaults but more critically how can we avoid having to look into each vault separately?