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Building Trust with Your Users through Messaging & Copy

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Building Trust with Your Users through Messaging & Copy

  1. 1. @steph_hay #uievsTrust me.I’m the best.
  2. 2. @steph_hay #uievsTrust me.I’m the best.
  3. 3. @steph_hay #uievs I’m being dramatic!But just to illustrate a point.
  4. 4. @steph_hay #uievsGaining trust takes time. This is why it’s so valuable.
  5. 5. @steph_hay #uievs Everything is “the best.”Easy. Innovative. Powerful. Beautiful. Fast. Affordable. Intuitive. Efficient. Effective. Secure.Award-winning. Cross-platform. Mobile-compatible. Simple.
  6. 6. @steph_hay #uievs
  7. 7. @steph_hay #uievs Everything is not “the best.” Disappointing. Buggy. Cancel. Refund. Cluttered.Overwhelming. Crap. Incompatible. Doesn’t work.Unusable. Impossible. Frustrating. Difficult. Spammy. Unsubscribe.
  8. 8. @steph_hay #uievsBUILD TRUST FIRST. Trust makes users happy.
  9. 9. @steph_hay #uievs STEP 1Set realistic expectations.Using words people actually say.
  10. 10. @steph_hay #uievs STEP 2Meet those expectations. That is all.
  11. 11. @steph_hay #uievs Building trust by speaking your users’ languagefrom the search engine to marketing copy, forms, email & social media
  12. 12. @steph_hay #uievsIncrease engagement Early adopters Conversion-oriented DRIP campaigns Connect with our usersOptimize Qualified leads Segmentation http://www.siteposition.ca/conversion-rate-optimization
  13. 13. http://bukk.it/winnar.gif
  14. 14. @steph_hay #uievsYou’re awesome. Trust in that.